Need help with finding right pipe

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Sep 8, 2019
Undah Da Sea
I would suggest a meerschaum pipe but the shape you're looking for isn't so common amongst carvers.
They do exist but price is a bit higher than usual:

saw these on SP about $150 - $250usd (just a quick search tho)

I have some eastern European briars by Mr. Balandis who I believe was formerly part of Mr. Brog. They smoke great and are in the same ballpark for value vs. Brog. The craftsmanship is quite good considering the price and they carry more shapes similar to your samples.

Cobs are also an inexpensive option to add to your rotation as well. However, pricing on the higher end start to approach low end briars. Regardless they smoke great and are more forgiving, similar to meers.


Preferred Member
Sep 9, 2019
Well you could get a cob and smoke it while you search for the perfect pipe! Best part of a won't ghost of retain the flavor of the tab you smoked prior.
Good luck, the hunting is the best part.


Preferred Member
Jan 28, 2018
I'd recommend you save your money and buy a decent estate. I found a very nice Caminetto this past week for $67 on eBay. $80 with tax and shipping. from pipestud. The vast majority of my pipes are Artisan made but I have another old Ascorti near identical to the Caminetto that smokes like a champ.

I think getting a quality made pipe that smokes great is hit and miss under $50. However, if you're a bit patient, you can find Savinelli pipes, Caminetto, Ascorti and some others on eBay that will sell for less than $100 and are great smoking pipes.

I have about a dozen cobs, I smoke them occasionally and they smoke nice. I do believe if cared for properly, they'll provide years if not decades of service. I do not think they smoke quite a nice as a good quality briar.


New member
Sep 21, 2019
I ended up going with a lorenzetti pipe. I don't know the make I bought it sight unseen. A shop in Halifax is closing down and had 40% off all pipes so after describing what I wanted in bowl size, thickness and length of pipe maximum, the shop owner picked one out and is shipping it down to me.

Excited to see this surprise pipe. Will post when it comes in.

Also picked up a golden gate for a beater pipe off ebay.


Preferred Member
May 8, 2011
AS many have said, I am also a proponent of cobs with upgraded stems. They last a very long time, and and nearly guaranteed to be good smokers. Include the price in the factoring and its nearly a no brainer. I have many briars and many cobs, I actually typically smoke cobs more often for whatever reason.

That being said I have also had great luck with a Mr Brogg years ago, a friend wanted it so I gave it to them and havent replaced it, so I cannot comment on current quality.


Senior Member
Mar 17, 2018
Toronto Ontario, Canada
You can’t go wrong with a savinelli
Well made and good smokers for the money
Tons of options with shapes, sizes and finishes
Check out smoking pipes and take your time till you find the one that really picks you.
Like this for example... Savinelli Trevi #320 Smooth. My first Sav and still in the rotation 3801