My Haul From Edward's Pipe and Tobacco In Tampa

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Sep 13, 2010
Following the white rabbit
I took a ride over to Edward's Pipe and Tobacco in Tampa. After spending some time looking around I decided to treat myself, as a birthday gift to self, to a Smitty's pipe. They are made locally.

I also found a metal folding pipe stand. I have always carried one of the inexpensive plastic ones, but found the metal one to be quite affordable as well as more classy looking. And, chrome is my favorite color LOL

I also picked up 7 ounces of their 505 blend, which is Burley, toasted Cavendish, and Virginia. A good, all natural smoke.

I really enjoyed my visit to their shop and they were quite curious about the rather large truck parked in their lot in full view of the door. It was a pleasant visit and I enjoyed looking over the selection of pipes, as well as the attentive, friendly service. Nice folks.



Oct 5, 2010
looks like the bowl is huge or the stem is small, either way awesome looking pipe! and a happy birthday =D



Oct 5, 2010
ahh so a lil of both, I like that shape. I'll have to keep an eye out for one myself!



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Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Nice new pipe pipetrucker! Happy Birthday!
I have a Smitty myself.
Edward's does not sell online themselves, but they have a wholesale division that sells to other retailers. If you look around, you might find them available at a local B&M or an online shop that's part of a B&M.
One of the first articles I ever published on this site was on Edward's in Tampa. You can see my Smitty pipe in there too.
Here's an article on their wholesale division.