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Smoking a Pipe Right Now
Staff member
Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Please say hello to our new sponsor, Mr. Brog Pipes.
They've been making pipes since 1948, but this is the first time they are readily available in the USA. There are some unique designs and the prices are affordable for anybody.



Nov 17, 2010
Thanks for posting, Just the web site was fun to play with, I like things that go round and round :crazy: and from my short visit I think the prices were great too.



Preferred Member
Jun 2, 2011
I saw that new member aussielass has a Mr. Brog pipe on the way and I thought, "Mr. Brog? Never heard of them!" and suddenly I see this thread. I'll have to check them out now, as I am intrigued.



Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2011
Pacific Northwest USA
I've watched the Mr Brog pipes for sale on eBay for several months now. Many good looking pipes at killer pricing for sure. I've also heard from a few pipers that have purchased these, all have been pleased.



Preferred Member
Jun 2, 2011
They have an army pipe made our of pear wood on Amazon that is pretty cool. That Maestro's a nice looking pipe as well. I personally have no experience with pear wood, but have read online reviews that say it holds up just fine.



Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
I have a pear wood pipe. I am not sure who made it but Mr. Brog sounds familiar. I like this pipe a lot. The first couple of bowls had a little bit of an odd taste, but I think it was from the precarb that was on it because I have had this taste on some savs that had it. Other than you wouldn't even know it wasn't briar except for the texture in your hand. I use mine as flake pipe.



Preferred Member
Jan 21, 2011
Pear wood can burn easily ,you have to pay a lot attempion and isn't long-lasting as briar.If you whould like a new experience try to get a pipe made of olive-tree.Not reliable as briar but better than pear



Junior Member
Sep 5, 2011
Hi All,

Introducing myself here, Mr. Brog from Poland.

Thanks for giving my pipes a chance in your collection, we hope to serve you well over the next many years.

Most of our pipes are being sold on Amazon and are shipped very fast to US and Canada destinations.

While I notice a lot of you guys like to shop on Ebay, I will try to expand my Ebay presence as well, but for now, make sure when you buy on Ebay that the product is shipped from the US, otherwise shipping can take up to 20 days.

I hope to have a good relationship with all you fellow smokers here on pipesmagazine, and will keep you posted on any updates and news.

And, Oh yes, before I forget, I notice you guys love Kevin, so I just want to tell you that over my many years in this industry in Europe, I never came across someone with that much passion for the pipe as Kevin.

I thought originally that I was going to have some promotion-business style relationship with him, but I quickly discovered he's all about pipes and nothing about business, so cheers to him, and you all.

Puff Puff

Mr. Brog



Preferred Member
Sep 1, 2011
Mr. Brog, the choice of woods you use are interesting. Pear,peach,oak! I am new to the pipe world but I only hear about briar. Are these woods common in the European market? Can you tell us more about these choices in wood? I especially like the military pipe with the wind cap! Also that stout scoot pipe! Very cool shapes and great prices I must say. I feel I will have to make a few of these mine very soon. :D