Your Favorite Tobacco Discovery of 2021

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Feb 1, 2010
Hands down, mine was Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. - No. 7 Broken Flake. I normally pick up Dark Birds Eye, Kendal Mix, Kendal Dark, Ennerdale, Rum Flake and any of the Dark Flakes or Plugs as they are my staples. After the last few drops, I always saw this sitting around with stock availability. I tend toward stronger blends and thought it might be too light after I read the TR description:

"This is virtually a blend reversal of Coniston Cut Plug with 75% flue cured Virginia. 16 % dark fired, and 9% burley. The blend therefore has far milder characteristics; and is rounded off with the addition of typical English flavours, and a touch of vanilla."

After everything else was gone after the mid-summer drop, I saw this still in and added it to an order figuring "Well, at least its got the sauce." I was joyfully surprised when it arrived and I smoked my first bowl. It is lighter but not light. It's richly sauced and I call it medium strength.

What was your favorite tobacco discovery of 2021?


Dec 8, 2020
East Coast USA
2021? C&D Pegasus - I look for a certain something in a tobacco that I can’t even describe to myself. Granger has it. Pegasus has it. Flavorful blends with a creamy fullness to the smoke. Not complicated. Tasty, easy-going blends of nutty burley with an underlying sweetness. Not topped and if so, with a very light hand. How light? I find Carter Hall too heavily topped. — Pegasus is a masterful blend with great flavors that result from the tobaccos that comprise it. Nothing artificial. Clean tasting, tobaccos, both.

If I can add a runner up, that would be C&D Crooner - another all natural but very flavorful blend consisting of only quality burley and deer tongue. Nothing artificial needed to make this one sing. Nice medium nic hit too. Great tasting burley with its sweetness coming from the addition of deer tongue.
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Jul 26, 2021
Rediscovering my love for smoking a pipe. It's been about 20 years and was initially "put away" due to lack of availability (despite Campbell's Smoke Shop being literally 2 blocks away) and finding it easier to carry Black and Milds or Swisher cigars on a college budget.

I enjoyed the ritual and time relaxing on the weekends, but my inept ability to order online or get to Campbell's during business hours hindered my enjoyment (daylight and I didn't get along).

I picked up the pipe again on a whim and found this forum contemporaneously. Ordering a cheap pipe kit (Scotte) and finding some decent tobacco out of the gate kept costs and trial and error to a minimum. The depth of knowledge and information from this online thinktank and motley crew helped as well.

Then finding the joy of Virginia blends (especially flakes) and a depth of burley beyond codger blends suprised me.

Also, being able to cut back on cigarettes (when time permits) and being able to build a modest cellar using the same tobacco budget made the evergoing transition easier. Sure, I splurged at times and the Christmas specials were unexpected, but it's all good and I hope to stay in the pipe smoking arena for a while.

Aside from always trying to be a better person, father, and in my profession, (and not picking on the mentally disabled since I want to get into heaven someday ... though society makes it difficult at times), I'm hoping the new year lets me continue to enjoy my morning pipe with a bottomless cup of coffee (primarily on weekends) and cut back even more on cigarettes.


The Bard Of Barlings
Jun 15, 2013
Southern Oregon
That's a tough one,so I'll mention 3. 2 were Sutliff matches, Troost match and Revelation Match. The 3rd is Endless Void from KBV, a luscious micro batch composed from Virginias with about 20 years of age each one of the smoothest Virginia blends I've had in years. Of course, the year is still young and I have a couple of special limited edition blends coming in the mail. So my answer could change.