Your Favorite Bulldog?

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Nov 13, 2019
Mill Valley, CA
A lot of carvers don't like to carve bulldogs. They find them to be too demanding to make. Most prefer to make Rhodesians. I know Andy Petersen makes a good one. Jesse Jones is quite good also.

Interesting. If I ever get a Rhodesian it’ll be a Radesian. As in, Rad Davis.

But right now there are no Rads for sale, and I’m somewhat set on the Diamond shank of a sweet bulldoggy. Tinsky turns out some lookers. Jack Howell is also a maybe but I’m a sucker for Mark’s coral

I’ll also add a band to it though, like this one


Feb 21, 2013
My favorites are mostly old standards, except for a straight smooth Johs with a somewhat larger chamber. I like the Stanwell 32 so much I got two, a smooth and a silke brune. And I do admire the shaping on the Dr. Grabow Royalton with a slightly bent stem. I have a fantasy that that was done by a senior carver at Sparta, N.C., who did artisan work on the factory line, and is now retired, so we don't see new Royalton bulldogs anymore. Though I expect someone will pick up the mantle eventually. They are/were magnificently shaped. A Tinsky "dog" would be a wonderful pipe.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
This Bulldog I commissioned from Jack Howell is my favorite. It is also my only Bulldog as I liked the Rhodesian more. One thing about Bulldogs that I found is they have a shallower bowl depth. I like 1.5 inside bowl depth and many Bulldogs are not that deep. After 20 years I found out the difference between a Bulldog and a Rhodesian. I am a slow learner. If they had the short bus back in my day, I would have been on it.