Your Disappointing Blends

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Feb 21, 2013
oh, rogers, Billy Budd? I love that stuff. I guess it's just what music you dance to.
Duds for me have been a sample of Briar Fox which just didn't have much flavor; Mac Baren's Navy Mixture, a blend of many tobaccos, that was biting before the can was opened; Sir Walter which has no detectable taste; and Half and Half which is a good basic tobacco combined with unidentifiable aromatic flavors that are just too distracting.
Surprises on the plus side: Sutliff blends that are economy priced but quite good include Balkan 957, Great Outdoors, and Westminster (not the GLP version). C&D's non-aromatic burley blends -- especially Old Joe Krantz and Billy Budd and others. And PC's Home and Hearth Midtown non-aromatic blend from Russ O., Chestnut, which is a match blend to the discontinued Walnut that is made up of six tobaccos and is my favorite tub tobacco by a wide margin.
I steered clear of Captain Bob just from the descriptive write-up, low strength and taste.



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Jul 21, 2015
Big 'N Burley > Billy Budd
All of my disappointing blends have been ones I mixed myself, and then smoked the atrocious mess until it was gone to punish myself for my own ignorance and foolishness.



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Aug 9, 2013
There are a lot of tobaccos that I just didn't like very much, or came in below par in comparison to another blend.

But, the one that that I have noticed is that nothing is as horrid as a blend named after a Hobbit. Sure, they are great books, but using the popularity of these books to pawn off substandard tobaccos on the witless zombies that think that somehow smoking a cherry vanilla flavored swill will somehow bring them closer to Middlearth just pisses me off.

Just read the books and stop using them to sell your swill.
Then there are lakelands; Dark Flake scented, Kendal Flake, Grandma's douchbag soap blends... blech.



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May 9, 2015
Sutliff blends that are economy priced but quite good include Balkan 957
+1 but sadly discontinued, I really enjoyed this one and managed to squirrel away a few tins. Old San Francisco is another Sutliff blend I thoroughly enjoy and hope they don't discontinue it.



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Mar 1, 2014
Crooner is awesome, nice burley flavour with some vanilla.

Captain Bob's blend was a bit dull though, the Coolaid flavour seems more of an accent. But with time I expect even this will give an enjoyable smoke.

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