You are Guaranteed to get One Hard-to-get Blend. Which One would You Choose?

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Mar 13, 2020
NE Ohio
Is it odd that I don’t have one?

I’ve tried a lot of the esoterica, they’re good but there’s plenty out there that tastes as good and doesn’t come with hype. I haven’t been lucky enough to try any of the others mentioned here, save for some McClelland’s. SG, Rattray’s and G&H are hard enough for me to get and I ration them accordingly,

Is the question taking money out of the equation? If so, I’d love to try some old Old Gowrie, pre K&K, just to see. If anyone has some, I’ll be excepting gifts.


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May 25, 2012
McClelland 2025 English Cavendish

I ordered a couple ounces of this on a whim in 2018, right as Smoking Pipes sold the last of their remaining stock of McClelland. I've always like their VAs, but the touch of Xanthi in this blend really sings. Unfortunately, I think it was only sold as a bulk blend, so it's really hard to find these days.


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Apr 2, 2021
Ashton Brindle Flake which I believe was produced by McClelland (not the later Ashton Revival, also by McC). After a couple of rough bowls I finally learned how smoke it and boy was that ever enjoyable. Still plenty of awesome Virginia's out there at least.


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Dec 9, 2016
Mayer AZ
Hey, Sable,

I have a well stocked cellar, but, the one I wish I could get my hands on is Edgeworth Slices.


You beat me to it! I'm reminded of Slice every time I look for hardware items in my shop. They are all stored in those beautiful blue tins! I have found that Sutliff RR,very well dried, can give me hints of Slice. Needs drying to knock down the over abundance of cocoa.


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Oct 7, 2016
presumably as they sell a flake it starts as a plug,so yes.
wouldnt mind a few pounds of Ogdens era St Bruno and some Gallaghers Condor from the same era
No need to presume anything, look at Tobacco Reviews. They also have sold a Readt Rubbed version, which I would also buy. Now, if they just had an IV version, I would be prepared for all eventualities


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May 1, 2019
Los Angeles, CA

Motzak Strang
It was just a joke. Pipes and Cigars cancelled my order so I never got any, and it’s sort of become an inside joke.

For how many people saying Motzek Strang: Have you guys never tried it, or did you like it and wish you bought more? I only ever had about 4 ounces and personally didn’t like it much.


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Jun 30, 2013
I'm cellared fairly well on stuff, so it is hard for me to fill my cart anymore on what is readily available. I would jump at -

Stonehaven or other esoterica virginias, but I never get the opportunity
Sam Gawith Best Brown, but I'm somewhat cellared on this
Chacom #4
McConnell Scottish Flake

I smoked through my stash of Kingfisher long ago. I've come to terms with this. It is a fond memory for me.

I miss the small rectangle tins of Erinmore flake, it is still sold but it is a different leaf

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