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Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 13, 2020
Adirondack Mountains
I recently got my first system pipe.
It's a great pipe but as far as the system goes...
So far I couldn't care less.
It smokes great. But so do a lot of my regular pipes.
I'm glad I bought it and I love it.
But I couldn't care less if it has the system or not honestly.
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Oct 13, 2021
I don’t own any Peterson pipes. When I started smoking I looked at some and didn’t like the aesthetics. Many seemed heavy.

Because of this thread, I am reconsidering. One that draws me is the Lovat #53. I’m thinking of finding one in a very classic finish that could be never be mistaken for another brand. So maybe a Donegal Rocky rusticated fishtail.

But, It seems that rustication has changed over the years, and I don’t really like the current version. Is that true?

I’d take any advice or recommendation you have.

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There are definitely differences in the rustication of now compared to days gone by in regards to visual appeal to me. Functionally, I've no clue and doubt it, but suspect the current method is less time consuming in the factory.

I seem to prefer the older style with smaller grooves, and of a greater amount, so different in a tactile manner to me as well as visually.

Personal preferences.


Part of the Furniture Now
May 8, 2020
I have an odd relationship with Peterson. Aesthetically, I love them. Every time I look at pipes online, I'm drawn to multiple Peterson pipes. I've bought probably 6 of them and traded all of them except for one. I was gifted a 264 that I love, and have a system standard b42 that literally just gave me one of the best smokes of my life. The rest of them just kinda smoked flat. No taste, smoked wet, just kinda meh. I always wanna save up some dough and buy an artisan pipe, but then I see a Peterson I dig and get that. There's a handful of them that I will inevitably purchase. A Sandblasted Strand, a PSB 408, a Irish Army 101, a few others. I'm an Irish-American fella and I think that Peterson probably suits me the best, but I'm curious about trying out other pipes as well.


Might Stick Around
Feb 2, 2021
Colorado Springs, CO
That pipe was made by Abb's Artisan Pipes in Athens, GA. I have three pipes made by him and they are all phenomenal.
He is a stand up fellow. Met him at Reformation Brewery's pipe night in Woodstock several years back. I have yet to buy a pipe from him, but need to fix that. My memory is that he is REAL. And I respect the heck out of him.
May 9, 2021
Geoje Island South Korea
I've been smoking Peterson exclusively for last 5 years. Most members know this already. But only one member asked why. Not that it's very important, but I had some rum in me tonight and I'm bored.

First and for most the shapes. Nothing really special. Just every men's trad shape with just touch of emphasis on masculinity. Thicker shank, wider bowl.. Of course, there are some influence from continental pipes, but I'm happy to ignore them to

Secondly in price point. Under US$100 to wherever. The fact you can get well made pipe for US$90 with history behind it, I think is cool.

Third, but most importantly, smokability. Never had Peterson that smokes like a shit.

Not saying anything about other brands, but I never felt any reason to smoke other brands. From cheapest to near US$400, they all met my need and want with beauty of their shape and way they smoke.
Yeah, I think you nailed it right here, Bullet08.

Petersons are great pipes for what they cost.
May 9, 2021
Geoje Island South Korea
I really wish Peterson will put more into seasonal pipes. Large number of first time purchase comes from St. Paddy's Day, Halloween, and Christmas pipes. Last few years have been rather disappointing. Instead of repeating army mount with different finish and different color stems, give us something that's little more than novelty pipes. I'm sure people are willing to spend just little more to have something they would like to keep for some time and keep going back to.
Do Petersons release any of their "old" shapes, say from the 1920/30's ? as in the Basil Rathbone pipes from the Sherlock Holmes movies.:sher: Now that, I'm sure would generate interest in the pipe smoking community.


Can't Leave
Sep 13, 2019
👈 First pipe was a Peterson. Second pipe was a Peterson. Third pipe... was also a Peterson.

I bought my first Peterson because my roommate introduced me to a pipe when I was in college. He had a Peterson something and he had a garbage churchwarden he bought at the Renaissance Festival. Small bowl, zero skills, hard to keep lit. Naturally, every time we went outside, he took the Peterson and I took the churchwarden. But we suffered through it and enjoyed drinking scotch and solving the world's problems over a fresh bag of Tinder Box 1-Quilford.

One session, my roommate felt inspired to smoke his churchwarden and I got the Peterson and it was night and day. I bought that 314 the next time we went to the store. I had one pipe for years and then just fell in love with the Sherlock Holmes series. That damn Sherlock gave me PAD and I am not cured.

First: Peterson 314 System
Second: Peterson Mycroft Holmes
Third: Peterson Sherlock Holmes

IMG_4065 Large.jpeg
IMG_4064 Large.jpeg
IMG_4082 Large.jpeg

K.E. Powell

Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 20, 2022
West Virginia
I'm partial to Peterson's. I like the classic yet muscular aesthetics, but more importantly, they have a great line of army mount/spigot pipes at fair prices. There are a few factory brands that are, in my experience, more consistent in their quality, e.g., Neerup and Stanwell. But few hit all those little niches I mentioned, and I will say my best smoking pipes tend to be the XL Pete's with mounts. I've a few Petes that smoke just okay, but I've many more that smoke good and a few more that smoke great. Their deluxe systems and irish army pipes are particularly wonderful.