Where to Draw the Line on Cellar Size?

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Jun 28, 2022
Lower Alabama
Can never have too much. I have 100+ tins, almost all different with almost no duplicates, and another maybe 75-80 in my wishlist that I haven't even bought yet. Eventually I'll get around to trying them, and I won't like them all, or some will be very similar to others that I like better. I can toss or attempt trade what I don't like.

Regardless, I don't have enough to last 50-60+ more years. What if there's a catastrophe? What if a "Waterworld" happens, what then? Me and them boys, coming to take your tobacco:


Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 29, 2022
I try and keep from opening a new tin until I have emptied one of my jars.

That being said, the last month or so has been popped tins and nothing from the cellar jars.

THAT being said, I've been hammering those tins that I popped and put into jars.

Soon I shall once again pop tins without guilt.

I am saying all this to say that my rate of consumption varies. Since I have tins of every blend in production that I have had and tried and liked and tins of four or five times of those that I have not tried, I only buy a tin or two a month.

That should last me long enough and like some others have said, I can always sell some.
I'm a bowl a day smoker.


Part of the Furniture Now
May 8, 2020
I've done some fairly shoddy arithmetic and I've got 15 or so years worth of tobacco stashed away, given my current amount of smoking. Not sure how long I'm gonna live, so it may not be a lifetime supply. I've taken a break from buying for the past couple years, but I think in the next year or two I'll probably make a couple fairly decent sized purchases of my regular smokes and be mostly done with it.


Feb 13, 2013
I bought what I think will be enough for my lifetime. Relatively speaking, that’s not that much because I only smoke 3 or 4 times a week. I stocked up to avoid any issues with state law changes that could affect online ordering. I still try new blends and limited releases, but I buy a couple of tins now, not 10.
I only draw lines on paper or canvas. When it comes to the cellar, the sky is the limit. In tobacco and pipes, terms like enough, too much, downsizing, and/or excessive, do not exist in my vocabulary.

I do not live in my car, nor a small closet. I live in an actual home, so there is always room for more. Besides, tins and pipes are small things. Just to fill a room, it would take thousands and thousands of pipes. Why would I get rid of any of it?


Feb 26, 2015
I'm 71 years old. About six months ago I did an inventory of my "cellar" and it was approximately 12 lbs. of tobacco in tins and jars. Considering that I smoke on average two bowls a day, I have more than enough to pass on to my two sons when I leave this mortal world.

That being said, I decided to practice restraint and not buy any new tobacco. A resolution which I broke by purchasing a tin of SPC Plum Pudding Christmas Spirit 2023 and two tins of Esoterica Pembroke a couple of weeks ago.