When, Where, and Why Do You Smoke?

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Starting to Get Obsessed
May 4, 2020
Orlando, Florida
Recently read someone was gonna have more time to smoke in their truck while working the farm. That made me think some others might have cool times they get to smoke!

Do you only smoke at the end of your day to really savor each bowl? Do you smoke one after each meal? Do you have other times that you get to smoke?

Post when, where, and why you choose to smoke your pipes! I’d love to know.

Chasing Embers

Captain of the Black Frigate
Nov 12, 2014
Man... don't... even... get... me... started...

*Olkofri needs a drink now


Can't Leave
Nov 14, 2019
Indian Ocean
The most enjoyable are on the decked area at the golf club with a drink watching folks going round the turn
Sitting on my balcony in the evening was also good but lockdown means I currently work there during the day so its a little too much like the ‘office’ at the moment and its where I smoke the most
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Tommy Boy

Part of the Furniture Now
Mar 28, 2020
Usually only after work in the evening or during the weekends as free time permits. I like to just sit and unwind for a solid hour 10 or 15 min. Here and there doesn't seem as enjoyable to me.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 29, 2020
I didn't start doing this in purpose, but I almost always smoke after every meal. It completes it and I'm not satisfied until I have a pipe or cigar. Of course I smoke throughout inbetween meals but almost always after one. I usually smoke in my study, often while reading, browsing the internet, or playing a board game app on my phone or tablet. If the weather is nice, I will often go to my patio and sit outside for a while while I smoke. I seem to do this almost exclusively during the weekend if weather permits.


Feb 21, 2013
I smoke during breaks in other activities, after meals, and at my computer, and sometimes just in my chair in my study. Most bowls are smoked intermittently with other activities, allowed to go out and relit. Sometimes I saunter on a walk, but that slows down the walk and the exercise, so I'm mostly indoors. Even larger pipes don't last the walk, and the cross breeze tends to make them burn a little faster. I smoke for tobacco forward flavor, very little for nicotine though a buzz can be nice now and then. I never think, I'll smoke some Old Joe Krantz for a nic kick. I don't seem to crave nic when I quit for a few days or a week, to get over a cold, etc. I smoke about a bowl a day, sometimes a little more or less.