What's your Favorite Coffee Mug?

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Jun 16, 2018
Athens, Greece
This is one I like. Nothing special, a simple, cheap and apparently a promotional gift, mug. But it has a... history. When I entered in my previous house, about 20 years ago (a friend of mine was living there before me and another common friend before him), I found in a cupboard some plates, glasses and mugs. I used all of them and when I left after 8 years for my new (and current) house, I took them with me.
Now only a couple of plates and this mug still exist, the others have broken during washing e.t.c.
So, when I drink with this one... well, I kind of travel in time...

Favourite mug .jpg
I used to collect souvenir ceramic mugs, and have a few of them.

I switched to porcelain a couple of years back - and have been using Royal Albert mugs since (Serves Dual Purpose for a mug of coffee or a large cup of tea)

However the most interesting ceramic is one where we have a person smoking a pipe (JimInks thinks it is his portrait)



Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 10, 2023
Mendota Heights, Dakota Country, MN
During my college years .... (WAY back) .... I always used an A&W Root Beer mug. I liked it because it was solid, heavy, substantial. And I liked seeing the coffee color -- black if drinking it black, or tan if drinking it with a splash of milk. Subsequently, I've accumulated a nice collection of heavy beer mugs. I donated the Root Beer mug because I didn't want the A&W "badge" on the side. I'm particular about my beer mugs, no "badges", no "logos", no writing like "birthday mugs" or "wedding mugs" have, no ads for beer companies. I just like plain, clear, heavy glass. I'm also particular (anal-?) about the handles. I like a substantial, solid handle. Some beer mugs have such a wimpy handle, it's like a strand of spaghetti. When I handle a potential acquisition, it'll "ring the bell" if I mutter to myself, "Now THAT's a COFFEE MUG!!!"


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 2, 2019
I've grown pretty partial to this 20oz behemoth over the past couple of weeks. I ordered a guitar strap from this company and saw the mug in their extra merch section. It just... spoke to me. Also, now I don't have to make as many trips back to the coffee machine!