What Tobacco did your Ancestors Smoke?

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Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 27, 2022
Tucson, AZ
All the smokers in my family smoked cigarettes, I'm the only one who took up the pipe,
They smoked either Marlboro, Winston or Salem filtered cigarettes.


Dec 22, 2013
New York
Condor, Gold Block, St Bruno and goodness knows how many different plugs. People on my Fathers side also rolled their own cigarettes.
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Can't Leave
Oct 29, 2011
State College,PA
My grandfather smoked Prince Albert. When I was about 6 or 7 I took a handful and tried to chew it. Flawed plan poorly executed. That was the first and last time I tried chaw.
Apr 2, 2018
Idong,South Korea.
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Just curious if you have a grandfather or father that smoked a pipe what did they smoke?

Ill go first:
My grandfather only smoked Sir Walter Raleigh. My father didnt have a consistent brand but he enjoyed cherry tobacco.
Great Grandfather Chrissy smoked Velvet. (We kids, including my mom weren't allowed to call him Chris) Grandpa Floyd smoked Holiday Pipe Mixture, and something else called Blend of the month.
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Ahi Ka

Feb 25, 2020
Aotearoa (New Zealand)
My granddad’s dad smoked st bruno, or if that wasn’t available, erinmore, and on the rare occasion both were out of stock, Dunhill flake. He must have suffered through a pouch of amphora at one stage as that’s what he used to store his rubbed out flakes in.

My grandma’s pop was from Kendal and would have smoked an assortment of blends produced there.

My mum’s family are from Lebanon and grew roses and made wine for a living. I have yet to find out about any tobacco use, but I imagine if they did smoke, it would have been a homegrown oriental blend - possibly Lebanese Izmir - due to a love of working the land and the necessity of poverty.
Jun 9, 2015
Mission, Ks
My Uncle smoked Captain Black (White)/RLP6 and occasionally HGL. My cousin smoked Amphora until they stopped making it and then smoked 1Q until he died.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 20, 2017
Dad smoked Reds. He quit in the early 70's. My grandpa chewed union standard and red man chewing tobacco. Most of my uncles either chewed red man or dipped copenhagen. They were all dairy farmers. My grandpa said it was easier to chew than smoke when hauling hay and feeding. Didn't have to worry about burning the hay barn down.


Mar 4, 2024
United Kingdom
My maternal grandfather was Scottish. He was an accountant and always smoked Revor Plug. It was made for the Scottish Co-Operative shops, a movement related to the Labour Party. A working man’s tobacco, strong and then not expensive. My aunt used to buy far more expensive blends only to find he would mix them with the plug.

Grandfather was a “son of the manse”, up from very little on sheer wit, scholarship and thrift, saw that I was looked after when my parents marriage went wrong and gave all of his children (and his grandson) the educational opportunities he had to fight like the Devil for. I am deeply grateful to him.
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Aug 11, 2022
Cedar Rapids, IA
I'm not aware of any smoking ancestors. My dad found a corn cob pipe on the farm and offered it to me, but I think it was unsmoked. So I had to find my way to this pursuit myself.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 3, 2022
Toronto Canada
My Dad smoked cigarettes and a pipe briefly but I never remember him doing so. It was my next door neighbour that gave me the fond pipe memories. As a kid, I loved the smell of his all day pipe wafting over the hedge. When I switched from cigars to a pipe, I asked the older generation what people smoked back then trying to replicate that smell. Answer was unanimously Amphora, but I’ve only tried the Original and that’s not it. I’ll figure it out one day. To my memory there was more of a vanilla smell to it than the original. It was heavenly.

Skippy B. Coyote

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 19, 2023
St. Paul, MN
My dad used to roll his own cigarettes (usually Top or whatever was cheap) and chewed Skoal, but my grandpa on my mom's side did smoke a pipe. I can't be too sure exactly what he smoked since he bought his blend of choice from a local tobacconist and kept it in a jar on the shelf, but based on the room note I remember I'm pretty sure it was Lane 1-Q.
Jul 26, 2021
My grandfather passed away when I was 2.5 years old. However, I have a few memories of him. He smoked a straight billiard in the sun room that was built for him to smoke in, but I don't know the brand or blends.

No one else on my father's side smoked, so the goods were tossed after he passed at 58. I never got a chance to ask my father, who also passed at 58.

But there were jokes about my grandfather receiving cans of tobacco as gifts and letting Prince Albert out of a can.
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