What (Non Aro) Pipe Tobaccos is the Best in Your Opinions?

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Preferred Member
Jan 28, 2018
Presently, I'd say Vauen No 14, Fribourg & Treyer CVP, Mac Baren Pure Virginia and Virginia Flake, and Astleys 44 for Virginia.

Watch City Simply Virginia Oriental and Sun Bear for VaOr.

Solani 660, Mac Baren Dark Twist and Bold Kentucky for DFK/Burley.

Several of those have some topping but I wouldn't consider them aromatic.
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Preferred Member
Feb 2, 2019
Athens, Greece
Hollys Non Plus Ultra. It’s right there in the name.

Here we go, I'd seen this being trashed loads of times on this site but never bothered to look it up because its name sounds like sanitary pads.

Well, on TR JimInks says " but fans of 1792 and products of that stripe may find it suitable ". Well well well, 1792 is among my top 5 tobaccos, so next time I order something, this sanitary pad-named tobacco is in ;)


Preferred Member
Aug 24, 2019
We'll, I would agree, but this bowl of H&H isn't really putting out the best foot.
I've been fortunate in the sense that the untried blends that I have ordered by the pound from the U.S. have all been either to my taste, or the few that weren't, I've been able to adjust to suit. [TobaccoReviews has been a huge help in guiding me]

For whatever reason, tinned tobacco gets intercepted by Customs more frequently than bulk so I've just accepted the fact that I'll probably not ever get to try blends like the Fribourg & Treyer Va's or . . . well, it's a very long list.
Then there's the tinned blends I've tried that I could smoke all day that are now out of reach; Orliks Golden Sliced and Racing Green are two favourites.

Tobacco is incredibly expensive here in Nanny State Australia so my attitude is that I'm rather grateful for what I have rather than what I don't. There's no point in focusing on the negative.
[I refuse to pay ludicrous prices for tobacco - it's now over $120 for 50g - all my tobacco over the last few years has been ordered mainly from the U.S.]

Hence my answer; the best tobacco is the one that I'm smoking. :col:


Preferred Member
Nov 14, 2020
The Aloha State!
As it was pointed out, taste is subjective, and so are many other things that make up a person’s mind, to the point that the word ‘Best’, might be better considered as to what better meets someone’s needs.

Best is Subjective!

Possibly a better way to approach this, is to consider ‘The Names’, that stand out, companies and blenders that have made names for themselves, garnering respect.

Names that have also stood the test of time, that have become icons in the Pipe Tobacco world...

Bottom Line, look at it like the Tried & True, as another way to consider.

So with all this said, I point you in the direction, from one of the legends himself Alfred Dunhill.

This is only a short list, there are many other great Dunhill blends!

Dunhill Early Morning
Dunhill Royal Yacht
Dunhill Nightcap
Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium
Dunhill London Mixture

While some might consider some of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group Era blends adequate, try to keep your eyes out for some of the Murray Era Blends as well.

There are those that swear by the Peterson blends, but I’m assuming that is more in comparison to the STG Era, not the Murray Era!

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