What do You Enjoy While You Smoke?

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Jul 26, 2021
Typically reading, though lately it's been listening to Tigers baseball. There's something to listening to the calm call and banter of the game, even though I don't follow it, that just puts me in a good place.
I miss Ernie Harwell. Tiger baseball without Ernie will never be the same (and I would take comfort hearing him call a game while enjoying a pipe).

How Ernie knew the city each fan came from that caught a foul ball was magical as a kid. "A man from Hamtramck will go home with that one."


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 30, 2022
Dannevirke, New Zealand
I feel like you guys have not made enough mention of driving……driving any type of vehicle……but not including driving your wife mad.
I do quite a bit of driving for work, it’s an excellent time to load up and smoke. Usually I keep the windows up and end up in a capsule of sweet smell. I have my little “ashtray” set up down pat now.

I do have to say though that a bit of safety and good decision making around timing needs to be kept in mind around when to relight.


Jul 11, 2014
God willing, and he/she/it has been for the last several weeks, I hit the road walking with a pipe within 15 minutes of awakening and usually walk about 2 miles. I go back inside for coffee and a little web surfing, news, weather, maybe do the anagram puzzle and the chess puzzle and then load another pipe and still get in another mile or two before the sun rises. These bowls are probably my most treasured during a day. The others are accomplished outside either in a lawn chair while web surfing, or just traipsing back and forth under the oak trees along our roadway to stay out of the sun. I've done 2 good long walks already today! I carry a flashlight and wear a set of reflective stripes. My a.m. temps have only been below 70 degrees F, once or twice so far this month.


Sep 12, 2020
Spain - Europe
I only have two areas to enjoy the pipe. One is in my smoking cave at home, a small study or work room. The other area for relaxation and enjoyment of smoking tobacco, is the Golf Club, which is on the coast, a few kilometers away by car. In the room, while enjoying the forum, or watching the internet, I read a book. At the Golf Club, I simply have breakfast or a drink while watching the golfers play. It is my favorite place, away from home.IMG_6416[10108].jpg


Might Stick Around
Apr 24, 2022
Georgia, USA
Avengers or Mannax
Love to watch Mannix, too! I recorded several seasons on the DVR, and perfect for sitting back in the recliner while smoking a pipe. Occasionally I have seen someone on the show smoking a pipe, too. Mannix smoked cigarettes in the first few seasons, but I think he quit in real life about 1970 or so. Just an excellent show in so many ways with the late midcentury vibe in the first few seasons and then the ties get wider. Love the fact, too, that the Brady Bunch house is featured in several episodes. And then the Avengers. DIana Rigg. Enough said.