What do You Enjoy While You Smoke?

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Starting to Get Obsessed
This question occurred to me today while I was sitting on my patio during a conference call, and for the first time I was able to smoke while talking on the phone. Normally, I don't even attempt to smoke while doing anything but just sitting there and enjoying the smoke, maybe with a little light music in the background. Of course, when Smoking In The Wild, I just like to sit and check out the view.

But it made me think about what others ENJOY doing while they smoke. Not necessarily what you CAN do while you smoke, I see a lot of posts where people talk about working with their hands, having a conversation, or watching TV. So I know a lot can be done... but what is your FAVORITE activity while smoking your pipe?

I actually enjoyed smoking while on my conference call... and it was amusing when some asked "What is that clicking sound?" after the third or fourth time I had to re-light with my Zippo. I find I have to re-light more often when I talk while I smoke. But it definitely made a stressful call easier to manage.

I have also found that doing relatively strenuous activities that require heavier breathing is harder to do and keep a pipe lit. So I rarely do things like work in the yard, hike, or walk the dogs. Although, I hope to be able to build that skill eventually. I would also love to smoke and drive, but I have a SEVERE aversion to smoking in my house or in my vehicles. I grew up with chain smokers, and I always hated that smell inside. Althought they were cigarette smokers, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

I always appreciate all of the insight I get here... so I am looking forward to the replies.

Egg Shen

Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 26, 2021
I used to pair it with reading or working in my office but now I feel it’s important to pair it with nothing. As a result the # of smokes I can fit into a day is down, but the 1 or 2 I manage is more satisfying and cathartic. It’s a dedicated time-out from doing stuff nowadays