What are Your Hobbies?

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Mine are:
Playing guitar (BLUES now, used to be hard rock)
Electronics(building guitar pedals and amps)
Knives and knife sharpening
Motorcycles too, but haven’t rode in a few years.

Like warren said, pipe smoking has become a way of life, not a hobby. And, I believe I was born with the sweet, sweet Lady N in my veins. (In all seriousness, I was!lol)

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Feb 12, 2022
I also have a large collection of toasters and waffle irons. Our daily is a mint 53 Sunbeam T20. Is that a manual slider or a flip top flipper? A few of my pieces that I haven't gotten to yet.View attachment 184656View attachment 184657
Excellent! You've got some nice gems in there! The T20 is an awesome piece. I'd love to pick up one as well one day, but most people selling them on ebay put them up for crazy prices - I think ebay's algorithm recommends to people to list them for $100s and so it seems like every other vintage toaster is some version of the Sunbeam automatic. One day. High up on the list next is a Toast-o-lator, just so the kids can get a kick out of the conveyor belt system.

The toaster in the foreground (the 'Gazelle') is a tipper -the lever tips the bread. The one in the left background is a 'B4 Toastwitch', with its fabulous art deco Aztec motif. That one is more of a sandwitch press. The right foreground toaster is a slightly more modern (1960s) Proctor Silex, which is your standard pop up automatic toaster. All of these do get used.

I definitely have a few more on the list, specializing in typically early to mid 1930s art deco, but the hunt is what keeps it fun!
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Jan 6, 2018
South of England
Lapsed hobbies-
Guitar 12 String and Bass
Playing in a blues- rock band
cycling, latterly electric bike
Writing for publication
Current Hobbies -
Ukulele ( picked like a guitar)
Bird watching
Gran Turisimo 7 ( I was pretty fast on the previous edition GTSport, faster than the World Champion on at least one circuit and invited to race on behalf of Honda and Mercedes) On these grounds my wife accuses me of being autistic, she may be right.
I like Malt Whisky, decent Cognac and fine cigars.
Reading, history, I love listening to Old Boys pub stories. Truth is stranger than fiction. I was recently in a pub with some ukulele players. One guy was telling of his submariner days and the sub he had served on. Another guy, over 90 , says Oh I know that sub, I designed it. He had been a Naval architect back in the day.


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Apr 24, 2022
Georgia, USA
Current hobbies:
-weightlifting so I don't get fat again. I had to take six weeks off due to healing from hernia surgery, and just jumped back in two weeks ago. I did barbell squats for the first time this week, and my legs are so sore I can hardly walk. Bench press and the rest are feeling good, though.
-learning Afrikaans and Dutch--this has really made me see how Germanic English really is at its core. I teach and study Latin, so I have always focused on that part of English, but Afrikaans comparatively studied has made me understand new aspects of our language.

Neglected, former hobbies:
-yard work: my goal for this year was to keep it looking socially acceptable provided that someone going by on the road didn't slow down and look too closely. I've met that goal.
-guitar: At one time, I was taking lessons and attaining some skill on the Portuguese guitar (12 strings, shorter than a regular guitar). But things happened, and the poor thing hasn't been out of its case in few years.

I don't count pipes as a hobby as I only have five, and they just figure into my penchant for and addiction to smouldering tobacco leaves in various forms.

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Oct 22, 2021
I’ve never heard of netsuke but they are so cool. I need to learn more! Where do you find them? eBay?
Yes, they are cool. True works of art. You can find them on ebay and other places on the net. Last time I was in NYC I spotted several shops selling them.

Before you start throwing money at them you would be wise to use the net... or the many books available... to learn as much as you can about them. Unfortunately, as in any hobby that involves money, there are crooks out there looking to rip you off. Remember: "Knowledge is priceless, ignorance is free." puffy
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Dec 12, 2012
Title edited for caps and the fact that many do not consider pipe smoking a "hobby".

Mine are two vastly different hobbies...

(nerd alert!)
- AM/FM DX'ing - the art of receiving distant radio signals that are very far away and not intended for your area

- Exercise/Weight lifting
My biggest hobby would have to be music: I have a small, home-based recording studio where I write/record original rock/pop songs. I play drums, guitar, bass, and piano/keyboards, so I’ve got the rock/pop thing pretty well handled. So far, I’ve released 5 albums and a couple of EPs, most available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music, as well as on all of the major streaming services.

My wife and I love watching movies and TV, so I guess that’s a hobby. We have about 1,400 DVDs/Blu-rays in our collection…and I’ve spent a lot of time during Covid digitizing them, so we can easily stream them whenever we want without having to dig out a disc and find the DVD remote!

For a living, I’m a full-time freelance nonfiction writer, writing nonfiction books and lots of magazine articles. (Some are available digitally, but I write primarily for traditional print publishers.) I’d also like part of my living to come from writing horror fiction, but so far that is still qualifying as a hobby! Sold a couple of horror short stories, and I’m a member of the Horror Writers Association, but I still consider myself a hobbyist, not a pro, when it comes to fiction.


May 7, 2022
I don’t really consider pipe smoking a hobby I just figured it was better for me than cigarettes so I made the switch a few years back. I like spending time outside, playing chess, reading, playing guitar, and writing/recording songs.
about that chess rating I only play 5.0 blitz and I hover between 16-1800 depending on alcohol intake :)