What are Your Hobbies?

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 9, 2017
Kentucky, USA
To all you "pipe smoking isn't a hobby" folks. I pondered this at length. I even looked up the definition in Webster's Dictionary just to be sure..
"an activity outside of one's regular occupation that is engaged in primarily for pleasure"
I then asked my wife, based on that definition, what her hobbies were.. to which she answered: "Sex, Bourbon, and Gardening". That was good enough for me. Except the sex part.. that one had me a little worried 🤔


Can't Leave
Jun 15, 2022
Metro Detroit
I use to mountain bike and race locally in Michigan until I started having issues with my neck and a job that has me regularly working 12-18hr days. Racing wasn't fun anymore during that period and I eventually quit. Now I'm lucky if I hit the trail more than once or twice a year.

7 years ago I really got into photography, film specifically. I started out shooting a lot of street photography in Detroit and sort of branched out from there. I now have a nice darkroom to develop film and make prints. Up until last year I put together a sizable Mamiya 645 kit to shoot cycling races and my old cycling team, but sold it all to help fund my wife's internship in North Carolina. Still shoot 35mm regularly and spend more time in the darkroom during the winter.

I use to do a lot of sketching/ designing of furniture and built the occasion piece. Still think about architecture quite a bit even though I left the profession.

There are hobbies I'd like to get into, but time, really $$, keep me from. The short end of my bucket list includes:

Sailing, would love to get a Laser or a Fireball and do some local regattas. Some day build a wooden sailboat.
Ice boating, one day I'll build a DN.
Large format photography, 4x5 or 8x 10 and more portrait work.
I'd love to build a green house and have a garden.
Travel to hike & camp.
Hit the road in an old truck with a dog and a camera with no destination in mind.


Can't Leave
Jan 17, 2021
Southeast Pennsylvania
Reading: an average of 5 books a month including history, and fiction from Trollope to modern mysteries.
Gardening: although since we downsized I’m not doing nearly as much of this.
Travel: mostly in the US now.
Fountain Pens: I have about 200 including about two dozen vintage Parker 51’s (my favorites).
Collecting old books , maps and prints, but I don’t have as much room for these so I’m down to about 2,000 books and trying to reduce further.
Hiking: my wife and I try to hike almost every day in the local parks and trails.
Grandchildren: we have two and they are a delight, at least for the first few hours.
Investing and financial: I enjoy keeping up with the financial news and managing my money.
Music: I listen to a fair amount of classical music, especially while reading.
Having lunch or dinner with friends and family.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jun 28, 2022
Lower Alabama
Main hobbies:
• motorcycling (touring trips, daily riding, wrenching, all of it)
• philosophy (for those interested or know anything about it, don't fall into a particular school of thought though I do fall under philosophical pessimism [though I wouldn't consider that a school], but main areas of interest are ontology, epistemology, philosophy of mind, psychology, metaphysics)
• logic puzzles (nonograms, sudoku, wordle, etc)
• music, mostly extreme metal, listening and writing (play guitar, bass and vocals)

Other hobbies that I don't do as much or as much as I used to for various reasons:
• woodworking (mainly lack of money for good enough tools)
• gardening/lawn (not vegetables, but ornamental stuff like flowers, currently in basic maintenance mode, training the confederate jasmine I have growing everywhere, cutting the grass and fighting birds and beetles for my figs)
• collecting unicorn stuff (I have too much and nowhere to put what I do have)
• camping
• painting (oil on canvas mostly)/drawing/art


Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA


Lotta good looking gals here. The human looks interesting, too!


Part of the Furniture Now
May 8, 2020
I play in a handful of hardcore bands. That's been a "hobby" for 25 years now. Other than that, back when I had a backyard, I was heavy into smoking meat. Now, I don't know. I have enough weird hardcore records where I can probably say I collect them, but much like pipes and tobacco, I buy them to use them.