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Aug 4, 2019
Surprisingly well actually. I found the dark fired leaf too full on to smoke when I got it a year ago, but it has mellowed nicely. Getting a lot of the stewed stone fruit flavour from the red va too, and bizarrely an occasional creaming soda vibe - which from memory, I think I associate with dark star. I’m gonna try it again blended with some cavendish as I think it could be sweeter, and I’ll also try pressing some to make some Birdseye, as that should help bring the red va sweetness forward too
Great to hear. I like tinkering with my tobacco, but not to that extent. Maybe when I retire… Enjoy!


Preferred Member
Apr 16, 2021
Kansas City Missouri
View attachment 97721Black Maria in a Gepetto. Black Maria is a mild English blend from John Dengler In Saint Charles. An all day smoker, it is an extremely easy going chap with a good room note.
I am curious to hear @LotusEater ‘s thoughts on this one as he is the only other person I know who has a jar of it.
I’m saving it.
For what I don’t know but I’m saving it none the less. I will report back when I open my jar.
Thanks again for the generous gift.

Bax Burley

Jul 20, 2021
Started my day with a MM Cob filled with Crooner, I can’t remember what this shape was called and it’s not listed on SPC anymore. For the drive home I smoked HH Bold Kentucky in a MM 5th Ave Legend. Pics are off the morning pipe followed by the drive home from work pipe. View attachment 97771
View attachment 97772
I think the spool is the Great Dane cob.


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Mar 25, 2021
Bronx, New York
C & D Miskatonic Mixture in a Rossi Vittoria 8815 Lumberman.

I love the Sav 815 shape. It's a Lumberman! It's a billiard! It's a sitter! It's sort of a panel! It makes julienne fries!
The pipe shapes get me so confused some times lol. I’m guessing a lumberman is like a lovat but with the oval shank of the Canadian? So a Canadian Lovat that chops down trees 😜
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