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Apr 2, 2018
Idong,South Korea.
H&H ODF in a MM polished Morgan. Hauling hay bags to the haybags.
Spent my haircut money on 20% off Irish and Uni Flake at P&C (needed new bits for my MM Morgan and they had them) so I had to do my own.
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That's a pretty good High N Tight,man.I need to visit the barber at our local Navy Exchange and straighten mine up.


Feb 11, 2021
Signing off on March with a two-day-Brit-flake-binge, namely GH Ennerdale Flake and Brown Flake Aromatic in two now-dedicated Upshalls and one Savinelli Autograph straight grain Freehand with undercut saddle stem (small conical bowl). Hello April!


Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Almost a third of the way through this bowl of year 2021 Watch City Glass Slipper Micro-Batch in a post-2000 straight brown sandblasted Tom Eltang cherrywood with a black acrylic saddle stem. Working and listening to The Roy Rogers Show from my radio collection.


Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 27, 2022
Tucson, AZ
Happy Easter everyone.
Today was the inaugural smoke of CS Ruins of Windsor packed into the Irish Harp calabash.
A pleasant smoke. It was kind of all over the place at first, bright, somewhat grassy with hint of sour and spice. Once it settles into the sweet spot it develops that "sweet bread dough" flavor that is quite nice. There also seemed to me a slight cinnamon undertone, waaay in the back but it was there.
I'm going to have to try this a few more times and see what some age does to it.

As for the pipe, This Peterson is a recent estate acquisition, and I am really enjoying it. Despite its size it is quite light and clenches well, a very comfortable and excellent smoking pipe. However, I have found that due to the deep, conical chamber it seems to smoke best with ribbon-type cuts rather than the ropey flake cuts.
I shall continue my experimentation! puffy
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