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Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
John Bull Royal English in my Savinelli Bacco 321 rusticated bent author. This was the first lat blend I ever tried, so it always brings me back to where it all started. Well, technically, it all started with my conception, but that's not a memory that any blend can evoke (thankfully), nor is it something I care to complain think about. Crap, I've said too much already... 😬

Bird report: California scrub-jay, Steller's jay, California towhee, California quail, California thrasher, White-crowned sparrow, House finch, Chipping sparrow, Mountain chickadee, White-breasted nuthatch, Common raven, Ring-necked dove (called so because you really want to wring their necks), Dark-eyed junco, and Spotted towhee. 19 degrees this morning, and the sun was already up. Spent Sunday evening with the in-laws, so this is a much savored (and much needed) bowl.

bacco & pouch.jpg

Just finished some Folklore in a Poul Hansen. Monstrous chamber so only filled in part way. Spiked coffee to drink.View attachment 197144

Hell, looks like you could just about fit the whole 16 oz. brick in that bowl! :ROFLMAO:


Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 13, 2019
I've smoked Revelation in every decade it was made from post WW2 until it was discontinued in 2004. Revelation Match is closer to the original than Epiphany, and certainly closer than what House of Windsor did to it by the late 1990s. The main difference between the original and the match is that the latter has a little stronger topping. But, it's the right flavor. @mso489 ... thought I'd include you in this comment since you mentioned the blend earlier today.
Awesome. Thanks @JimInks!