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Feb 21, 2013
Match Revelation from PC in a Greek Amadeus straight smooth traditionally shaped pot in a dark red stain. This blend was supposed to be one of Albert Einstein's favorites. From PC site:

This is a match to House of Windsor Revelation. The original was one of Albert Einstein's favorites, and this blend captures the essential character of the old classic, combining yellow and red Virginias, nutty cube-cut Burley, smoky Latakia and zesty Perique with a soft, dark fruit top note to create an distinctly old fashioned flavor and room note. Fans of the original will find MATCH - Revelation to be a fine substitute.


Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Enjoyed a tasty lunch, and am half way through this bowl of Robert McConnell’s Scottish Blend in a 2002 black pebble finish straight Cavicchi C. Fatto A Mano lovat with a black acrylic saddle stem. I have two other Scottish blends open, so I think I'll smoke them this afternoon, too. Gold Star Jamaican Estate Reserve, neat, is my drink.


Can't Leave
Jul 31, 2012
Torrance, CA
Enjoyed?? I have a large tin of this stuff and despite numerous attempts, I can't say I have ever "enjoyed" it!. If you live in Canada, I'll mail you my tin!

I actually like the Scottish blends. I have a a tin of Loch Ness and jar of Bag End from The Country Squire that also make the rotation. I am in the lower 48 however, appreciate the offer none the less puffy 👍 puffy 👍
How is the translucent coloring. I expect it has some spotting, yes?
It is coloring very slowly now. I am smoking bowl 326 and very little has changed over last 50 smokes. The bottom of the bowl is now pale yellow, and the top has just started to color (It has turned noticeably dark in places with a cream colored background) but it has not popped yet.