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Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 30, 2012
Laurens, South Carolina
Mr. Christian's Raven Eye Flake in a Reid Robertson



Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Couldn't sleep, so I fed my cats, and Sam the Scamp, and am half way through this bowl of one of the early versions of Watch City American Cut Plug Mixture in a 1980s straight smooth Big Ben pot with a nickel band and a black vulcanite saddle stem. The pipe was a gift from Mark Ryan that I haven't smoked in a while, and I still have quite a bit of ACPM early versions to smoke.


Your Mom's Favorite Pipe Smoker
Aug 27, 2016
Back in the 80s when I was a very young guy, I was fascinated by Big League Chew - the shredded bubblegum meant to mimic pouched chewing tobacco a la pro baseball. You could create enormous wads of gum and enormous bubbles.
Somewhere along the line (I was 6 or 7) I chanced upon a pouch of RedMan. I recognized that it was tobacco, not bubble gum. Still, I was curious- it was open so I stole a sniff. Smelled pretty good- sweet and savory and unique. I had enough fear of retribution in those days (hard head/soft ass) so I didn't take a pinch.

Fast forward 30 odd years and here we are. The first time I popped a tin of Sam's Flake the aroma sent me back to that day, the feel of a rolled up foil pouch and that uniquely sweet and savory smell. I've never again smelled Redman.. I don't want to ruin my memory. In my mind, the two are strangely linked.

2018 Gawith Sams Flake in the Yeti Dublin.

Not open for further replies.