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Preferred Member
Feb 15, 2017
United States
Reading "The invention of God: the natural origins of mythology and religion" is a slog of writing but the premise is spot on. And, rereading "The Command of the Ocean: 1649-1815". And I have started "Some assembly required".
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Preferred Member
Jan 14, 2012
Southwest Louisiana
Something I never did and hate the thought of it, an Oprah’s best book. American Dirt, the title intrigued me, it was good, put a never thought of ,slant to me on immigrants trying to cross the border. Still think they need to leagally come to US.
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Wuce Brayne

Junior Member
Apr 19, 2021
The Way of the Traitor (Sano Ichiro, #3) - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/463989.The_Way_of_the_Traitor . Working my way through the Sano Ichiro novels by Laura John Rowland. They follow a mid 17th century Samurai detective whose curiosity and need to find the truth often interferes with the Samurai code of honor. The historical accuracy of the period which this is set is probably my favorite part of this series so far. Aside from the obviously fictitious characters, the representations of the actual historical figures of the time and the very detailed way she writes about the geography of Japan is fantastic.
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Preferred Member
Oct 12, 2019
Florida Panhandle
Re-reading The Hunt For Red October after watching the absolutely atrocious "Without Remorse" movie. What a mess. I needed to remember why Clancy was so good at what he did.
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Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
So far, an excellent story. So many of Bryce's books are similar in the story, characters, or just retell the same story that is in one of his other books. This one seems very unique, or else I just haven't read any of his books that cross over this one.
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Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2011
Re-reading The Hunt For Red October after watching the absolutely atrocious "Without Remorse" movie. What a mess. I needed to remember why Clancy was so good at what he did.
Yep. Clancy was the master of his milieu. When Red Storm Rising came out I started reading it and never put it down. That was quite a session.

Now re-reading Asimov’s Foundation series.
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Jul 10, 2020
Dallas, TX
I’ve read a few mediocre non-fiction since my last post (mostly related to work), but I did enjoy the most recent at-home read “Five Billion Years of Solitude” by Lee Billings. It’s a nice history of SETI, space observatories, and space exploration built heavily upon Drake’s Equation concerning the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and our ability to actually observe and understand it (if we’re around at the same time at all).

The limited extent of my physics knowledge lies in the videogame Kerbal Space Program, but this was an accessible read on exoplanets and deep time.



May 2, 2021
Last night I just finished some light reading. A jaunty short story called Covenant by James Michener. Tonight I start Hopscotch by Brian Garfield. I love the movie, it's time to read the book.
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