What Are We Drinking In March 2023?

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Tar Wheel

May 23, 2020
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
@Tar Wheel , correct if I'm wrong, I believe you had a birthday on St. Patrick's Day. Happy belated birthday day! Hope all is well 🍀
You’re close, Zero. It was actually the 16th. WTF, is Marilu Henner your mother?!? How did you remember that? I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. Thanks for remembering, brother!

I’m getting my weekend started with a pour of a Barrell Bourbon store pick. My favorite store manager was in on the pick, and knocked it out of the park on this one. Have a great weekend, all.




Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 18, 2023
Working on a bottle of EH TAYLOR small batch and about to finish up a bottle of WT Rare Breed. Always sipped neat in a Glencairn or similar style tasting glass. Some of you folks in here got some damn good taste!


Can't Leave
Mar 15, 2023
Olympia, Washington
For years I thought I hated gin, turns out I just don't like it straight or in drinks that accentuate the pine cone flavor like G&T. A few months ago I tried a negroni and that was an eye opener. It's become a mainstay in my drink repertoire and most recently I had one with Sandstone Black Gin, which is licorice flavored. The licorice isn't very apparent but it mixes well with the Campari and vermouth, Drumshanbo Gunpowder is the best gin I've had for negronis so far. I really want to try a last word, next time I go to Total Wine I'm looking for some Chartreuse. Unfortunately Chartreuse is likely going to become harder and harder to find now that it's known the monks who make it have decided to downscale production.

Tonight I'm probably going to have a rusty nail.
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