Unopened Frog Morton On The Town

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May 10, 2021
I've been storing an unopened 100 gram tin of Frog Morton on the Town in my humidor (not sure why since it's a sealed tin lol) with the intention of smoking it one day but I'm considering selling it instead.

Can anyone give me an idea of how much it may be worth - it will help me decide what to do with it. The stamp on the underside reads "462315". Does anyone know what that number signifies? Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Can't Leave
Oct 8, 2022
Central Nebraska
The 15 in the 462315 means it was packaged in 2015.
As far as value goes, you're probably in the $100-150 range. Tinbids, 4noggins and pipestud all have consignment listings on them. Take a look for comparables on there and base your asking price on that.


May 29, 2023
“Tobacco Row “Richmond Virginia USA
Ill send you my address and swap you for other blends of your chosing. 😁
Or you can smoke it!
It’s a great blend and you might enjoy it.
If you don't you can swap it out to others for something different over time but 100-150 is pretty common.


Oct 6, 2021
NE Wisconsin
Here on the forum (which you'd have to wait to be eligible to sell on) they're currently fetching $100+ish.
If you like another tobacco as much or better, you could sell it and get seven or eight tins of something else.
But if you like this uniquely (as I do), put it in a couple mason jars and dip into it occasionally.


May 6, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
There are several ways to dispose of older tobaccos. You can sell it yourself; you can put it on one of the websites of Pipestud or Tinbids (both are sponsors of this website) or you can sell it yourself. Expect a substantial fee to be charged if you sell it through other people. It would have been nice if you had told us where you are located,

Chasing Embers

Captain of the Black Frigate
Nov 12, 2014
It's a bit of an uninspired English aromatic. Even in its heyday only worth buying during sales. I say smoke it just so you can say that you did.