The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2019!

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Sep 9, 2019
Haha, or you could post 7 times today and be eligible. Quick, smoke 7 bowls and post in the "What are you smoking?" thread!!!! Or ask for a "but I'm so close" variance. But I'm sure that is a highly technical process that involves much evaluation, interrogation, and review....board approval, etc. etc...........:ROFLMAO:
Well technically you would need another person to be eligible as the list was checked twice, I think and everyone is matched. Any other floaters out there that nearly qualified and need a partner, Santa's elf (Woodsroad) I am sure is bored now!


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Oct 10, 2013
A lot of my past year WAS spent in hibernation, at least in hibernation from this forum. It was great to come back for Secret Santa, and for that I have Ashdigger to thank. He prodded me out of my funk and gave me the marching orders that I needed. I haven’t had time read all of the posts here, but I’m really glad to see everyone showing a healthy modicum of irreverence. Especially Jaytex. He’s our new Secret Santa Minister of Incorrect Thought.


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Dec 22, 2013
New York
I am hoping mine makes it through customs. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Woodsroad for selecting me for the most difficult delivery job on planet frigging earth! If he had paired me up with Weezel it would have been easy but also a zero sum gain since we both smoke the same stuff! rotf

Next year I will be looking forward to having to send a package to Outer Mongolia as a punishment for moaning about this years near 'Mission Impossible' delivery. It sort of makes you wonder how Santa does it all in one night. In the UK you have to leave him a mince pie and a glass of sherry on the mantle as a reward for dropping off your presents as well as climbing down the chimney. On that basis he must drink 1000's of gallons of sherry and hundreds of tonnes of mince pies. I would imagine he must be an 800lb diabetic with a monstrous hang over. Little wonder you only see him once a year!