The Most Disappointing Tobacco

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A phenomenon as old as humanity itself. I guarantee during the last ice age we were daring our buddies to go smell that rotten mammoth over there. Everyone loves to talk about things that gross them out!
Then we would have that one forum member that is like... "Stop making fun of rotten mammoth. It's my favorite smell."


May 7, 2022
Gawith Medium flake (Golden Glow) was a disappointment for me. I've always loved their other Virginia flakes for their flavor and smoothness - never bites and never tires my palette.

Medium on the other hand - bites me immediately and never lets up. I powered through an entire bowl once and it wrecked my mouth for the rest of the day.

Similarly, C&D Opening Night - people seem to really like this bright Virginia flake. For me it always tastes cloyingly citric and monotone. It doesn't bite me like Golden Glow, but I detect some roughness.
I figured some age would perhaps make an improvement, so I opened a 9 year old tin. It was older for certain, slightly darker and the tin note had a richness that newer production lacked. The flavor though was still largely the same. It had gained some bready nuance, but I still found the citric nature overbearing and unwavering.
Just doesn't jive with my taste buds.
If you have not tried Fribourg and Treyer Golden Mixture I highly recommend it even in its current version it maintains


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 17, 2021
I guess I'd distinguish between 1) blends that were awful 2) blends that were good for their style, but didn't click with me and 3) blends that were in the style I thought they'd be but they were just anemic. For category 3, which I believe this thread is about, I echo what some have already said. Autumn Evening, F&T Golden Mixture, & Marlin Flake just didn't come close to what I'd hoped they would be.
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Chasing Embers

Captain of the Black Frigate
Nov 12, 2014
For me, nothing will ever match the gut-wrenching and olfactory-obliterating experience of the time I opened a tin of D&R's London Dock.
And I appreciate that fact as you didn't inhibit my gathering a few pounds of it when it's discontinuation was announced.


Odd though as you once praised it.

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Part of the Furniture Now
May 8, 2020
Autumn Evening was a disappointment. Early Morning Pipe let me down, as well. I've had 95% of a tin sitting in a jar for the last 3 years. Maybe it's time to give it another go.
Sep 7, 2023
I love Cult blood red moon. I was looking for a less expensive tobacco similar to it and read that Scotty's Bass pond was close. I tried it and found zero similarity in taste. That was disappointing


Oct 10, 2013
After m y first pipe show, I made a joke about a certain American Pipe Tobacco company that was giving out tons of aromatics in tins. I took a picture of the garbage cans overflowing with their tins, and went on to joke that men were even playing hacky sack with their tins in the parking lot. Needless to say this pissed off a lot of people on here. I thought it was a good joke. Just a joke.
Still got that picture?


I love how every thread, where someone asks for opinions on pipe tobacco, ends in a full-blown demonstration that everyone’s sense of taste is unique.
Every pipe is unique as well. I've tried blends I thought were garbage until I tried them in a different pipe that suited them.
In my early days of pipe smoking I only had the one pipe and I tried various things until I found something I liked. This time round, a born-again pipe smoker, I've rapidly built up a collection of pipes and I wasn't prepared for just how radically different pipes effect the smoking experience of the same tobacco, even when they're clean and rested with no hint of ghosting. Even when new come to that.
My first pipe this time round was a Barling Trafalgar and it seemed to cope with most blends well. But when I tried my favourite GH Coffee and Caramel in it, it tasted of nothing at all. In my Rattray's Distillery and Savinelli Miele it's lovely stuff.

It's like rifles and factory ammo. You can have two rifles of the same make, model and chambering and one will for example, tack-drive Federal but spray Winchester all over the place and the other does the opposite. I'm finding pipes the same. Not surprising perhaps. Each rifle barrel is a one-off and so is each pipe bowl.

So when I try a new blend I buy at least two ounces and make sure I try it in several pipes before passing judgement.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 7, 2019
Yes that’s not how should’ve been. It should still have some moisture and be a little springy. Sorry you had a bad batch; SB is my favorite blend.
I bought one each of all the Sillem (now John Ayelsbury) “colors“. All were in beautiful tins with no seal, wrapped nicely in only folded cellophane, with the texture of dried out straw and no tin aroma of any kind. Haven’t tried to smoke any yet. Wrapped the tins with duct tape and may try to rehydrate some day. Pretty disappointed with now low expectations.