The Most Disappointing Tobacco

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Might Stick Around
May 11, 2023
What have been the most over-hyped blends that you have encountered in your pipe smoking career ?Marlin Flake is one such for me. It smells lovely and smokes reasonably well but I never seem to achieve the blissful Nirvana smokes that others get. I find it lacklustre and bitey. I really want to love it but that is not reciprocated. I have given it enough chances, but there are more fish in the sea. Germains Medium Flake is another one. I gave it away as cigarette tobacco in the end....


The Bard Of Barlings
Jun 15, 2013
Southern Oregon
We just had a thread on this topic. But what the heck, why not?
Penzance, Germain’s Balkan Sobranie, and the current version of “Escudo” are disappointing, especially Balkan Sobranie, which I find utterly vile.
The more recent Esoterica blends I’ve tried, Dunbar in particular, have been disappointing. Fortunately I have older releases that are good.
I wouldn’t waste a nickel on any Esoterica made after 2020.


Can't Leave
Aug 29, 2016
SG Brown Sugar Flake.

To me, its smells amazing from the tin, but the taste is probably one of my least favorite of their entire line up. Glad I didnt go crazy on the latest drop.

Extremely underwhelming to the point that the name seems to be vastly misleading to the flavor profile.


Can't Leave
Jun 8, 2023
I had a bowl of GH Bright CR Flake last night, and I can't understand what all the fuss is about. A bowl of hot air is what it was. It improved towards the last quarter of the bowl, but for me, that is not enough. A disappointing tobacco, the rest will probably go in the bin, it doesn't even deserve to take up jar space.
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Swiss Army Knife

Can't Leave
Jul 12, 2021
North Carolina
I try and give blends I don't initially like a few chances because sometimes the chemistry just isn't there that day. Might feel like hot air and then another day it's blowing me away. That said.. GH&Co.'s Dark blends specifically the Dark Flakes. I tried unscented first, it was like smoking barbecued used tires. I thought maybe scented would be better but sweet jesus it was worse.

Also wasn't fond of Plum Pudding on it's own but I've grown to really like it as a blending component.
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Jan 7, 2020
Silem's Black.
I may have received a bad batch. The blend is not adequately packaged, I think. Loose plastic wrapping in a very beautiful, but not airtight, tin. It was bone dry by the time it arrived. I liked Boswell's Northwoods, so I was looking for an Aro English. But, It didn't scratch my itch.
Yes that’s not how should’ve been. It should still have some moisture and be a little springy. Sorry you had a bad batch; SB is my favorite blend.
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Jun 23, 2019
Not really, just personal opinion. I don't favor latakia blends but found it mediocre when compared to other blends such as Peretti's Royal and Tashkent. Other than been good for trading fodder, I just didn't find Penzance to be a standout.

Penzance (along with Chelsea Morning/Quiet Nights) have a distinct flavor and "texture" profile that's really not subjective.

Liking it or hating it is an opinion. But describing it as 'run of the mill' is just wrong.