Smoking Pipes delisted some Rattray's tins?

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Might Stick Around
Oct 11, 2017
Columbus, OH
I know they had Brown Clunee 100g tins in stock a couple of days ago when i made an order. At first I thought maybe they planned On removing items not in stock, but that would remove their system of email notifications for out of stock items.
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Can't Leave
May 8, 2018
Nothing for sure. I’ve seen they have been doing this for the last year, even with items they seem to restock, though I’m not sure what the purpose is. I think it’s come up before on the boards. Could be something as simple as email notification list max’ing or an update to that system, which would be very welcome


Dec 12, 2012
I emailed SPC and they said they are still carrying all the Rattray's blends, they are just sold out. Still think it's weird they would delist some of them, while others are still listed as out of stock, but hey, what do I know?
This isn’t unusual among the online shops I check. Some keep a brand category in the menu but, when you click the link, don’t show a single product. Others remove the links for anything that’s out of stock. Others keep everything intact and only include a tiny little “out of stock” notice where applicable.

It astonishes me how quickly and easily conclusions can be drawn based on . . . nothing at all.


Nov 26, 2018
Always get pissed when my favorite blend of cigs is not at my local drug store. But I don't blast it all over the internet about it.

As to pipe blends, over the years, some suddenly disappear for whatever reason. If it comes back, cool. If not, there are other blends.

Maybe this doesn't bother me because I really don't have a favorite daily smoke.