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Might Stick Around
Aug 29, 2011
we call anyone outside of south louisiana either a redneck or a yankee
I'm from Lafayette, too. Lafayette, Indiana. I've always been fascinated with cajun country. Indiana's not an exciting state, but we're a down to earth, unpretentious people. I'm not sure if Hoosiers would be considered yankees or not :puffpipe:



Jul 30, 2010
Norman, Oklahoma
I am 22 years old and I have been smoking a pipe since my 18th birthday.

I currently work for a boutique hotel in Norman, Oklahoma and I wear many different hats in my job.

I am a big guy, I stand 6 feet 5 inches tall and I weigh 300 pounds.

I have practiced martial arts since I was 7.

My other hobbies are Acting, Moderating this forum, reading, disc golf, and dumpster diving. I do a fair amount of computer repair on the side as well.

I have a gorgeous wife that can be seen here.... Cynthia Smoking
I have no idea what else to write in this post. I am not very good at describing my life!

Jul 15, 2011
I'm 48 and live in the delightful weather bipolar schizophrenic land of Chicago where its 100 one day and 60 the next
Hauntedmyst, get your atlas out and look for Peoria, then go about 45 miles east. Little town called Flanagan, maybe 100 miles south of you. Thats where Im at!



Feb 1, 2010
At a CVS near my house there is a dumpster that says "Private Property - No Trespassing. Trespassers will be prosecuted." Its filthy and I couldn't help but think, is this really necessary? If you are voluntarily getting in a filthy, smelly dumpster, hasn't life prosecuted you enough without the dumpster police needing to get involved?



Oct 1, 2011
Old Belt/U.S.A.
Hello, My name is John and I will be 49 this Sunday, I was born in the foothills of NC and moved to Pensacola Fla. with my Father, Mother and sister when I was 7 and we moved back to central NC when I was 14 and have been in this area since then. I will be married for 20yrs this November and my Wife and Me have no children, I am a lineman for the electric utility in my area and have done this for almost 25 years and the way things are looking it will probably be another 25 before I can retire, That being said, I am very very thankful for my job and I pray that those without one will have a job soon. My leisure time is helping folks that I know like mow yards and fix what needs to be fixed. I started smoking a pipe seriously last year and for whatever reason I cant seem to stop buying pipes and tobacco, The more I see the more I want. I am a cigarette smoker for almost 32 years and am getting very tired of that and is one of the reasons I started the pipe back up and the pipe helps quite a bit, I practice playing a banjo in the in between time, not very good at it but not so bad that it scares the cat away, I play clawhammer style, That means I play with my thumb and index finger and I dont use picks, As far as pipes are concerned I like savinelli pipes, They seem to be my favorite, I like the look and feel of the savinelli's and they tend to smoke well for me. I started off with a savinelli and some prince albert when I started smoking and soon after that I ordered a pipe from 4noggins and they sent me a sample of bald headed teacher with just the slightest hint of latakia, When I had a smoke of that it was all lat and oriental blends for me with the occasional otc to break it up once in a while. :)



Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 19, 2010
Howdy! I am going to be 56 years old in December. I live in Sonoma County CA. I am not a native Californian - as I was born in the South - Alexandria VA. My Dad and Mom packed up the Family (my brother and I) at age 5 and moved out to a state he thought would be a disappointment. "You just can't get good Lobster!" he'd grumble (he was a country boy from ME who became an airline pilot after Charles Lindberg landed in a field near his Dairy Farm). Needless to say he loved it out here and spent all his freetime Golfing! He was totally adicted to pipe smoking - and always had a bowl of Amphora Red going in his pipe.
I graduated from High School in 1974 and went to Chico State for a few years. Moved back East and attended a State College in MA. While hitchhiking in Cape Codd - a Marine Corps recruiter gave me a lift. What followed was 4 years of USMC - got out as an E4/Corporal. I then moved to New York City where I was accepted at the Neighborhood Playhouse and pursued an acting career for 8 years. However, stardom is elusive and I ended up playing my most famous part "The Bartender" where I schlepped frozen margaritas for many years. Oh! I did get on a couple of Soaps - primarily One Life To Live. Perhaps you remember seeing the back of my head in all the restaurant scenes? "Oh Waiter!" Moving on from the 80's I came back to CA and based on some bizarre impulse - got accepted at a Chiropractic College in San Lorenzo. I finished my degree. Got divorced and decided that I definitely did not want to be a Chiropractor. So a friend recommended I try to get a job as a Massage Therapist - and it's been a 16 year career ever since. I did get a 5 year break where I sold wine for various wine brokerage houses - but I still did massage therapy part time.
I have been married 3 times and am on my 3rd and final marriage (I am not doing this again!). I have been lucky to meet & wed a beautiful Italian/American woman who I love very much. We have been married 2 years. We have a lovely teenage daughter who loves to shop, scream alot and sulk - but all in all it is a good fit. We have a cat named Lady Bug and a dog named Pelushi (Pelush looks like an unmade bed most of the time - despite baths and hair cuts).
I love movies especially old B movies. I tended to watch a lot of Black & White movies on TV when I was a kid. I have reviewed old Horror Movies in fan magazines. Collected Old Horror movies (1940's-1980 releases). But generally speaking I love Cinema - my favorite movies are usually Black & Whites - so Film Noir, Universal Monster movies, Suspense, Thrillers, Gangster movies are natch for me. I just think that the old B movies have a lot of heart and imagination. I love to read and have been reading since I was very young - I always wanted to be Tom Sawyer. But generally speaking - I read about whatever strikes my fancy at the time - can be just about anything...Ok maybe not Everything! So I guess you can say I love to read, watch old movies, listen to music (Rock, Surf, Lounge, Blues, Classical, Opera) and do a little writing in my spare time.
I have been smoking a pipe since 1988 and have been collecting off and on again over the years. I usually ended up trading my pipes a way - so my collection is not huge. I smoke anything that I deem well made - so that includes Aros, VaPers, Hybrids, Flakes and English. I love to smoke a pipe first thing in the Morning with coffee and last thing in the evening with a glass of wine or beer or coffee again. Usually I can have a little time to myself outside (where I am banished) before the howls and demands bring me back inside the house.



Jun 5, 2010
Cornelius, NC
OK, get ready, this may take awhile, as you know I'll post up sh!tloads of pictures, a story isn't worth a crap without pictures.

I too am 56, born unfortunately in Central Ky.,spent the first 18 years there, moved away as soon as I got out of High School...never did like that sh!t-hole place. 8O

Moved to central Ohio where I lived for 18 years and met my wife of 33 years (she is on the right, daughter on the left)


I worked for Owens Corning Fiberglas Technical Center for 10 years until the big re-structure, then worked at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft for 5 years, then decided I hated cold weather and took the re-location package from the plant closing and moved to NC where I've been now for 18 years. I did Commercial HVAC/Refrigeration all that time and now for the last 5 am employed as a HVAC Estimator for a Mechanical Contractor. Unfortunately I never liked any of that crap, still hate it with a passion that cannot be described within the English language.

My hobbies keep me half-way sane, which there is too many.





spraying things:


Speaker Building...a pair of 8 ft tall models I built and sold 8O


Making Projection 110" on my Great Room wall:


playing trumpet:


driving exotic cars:


Racing karts on the big road racing tracks:



and the multitude of home projects, been working on the garage for 5 years now, still not finished( drywalled, Heat pump installed, epoxy floor, wall cabinets, projection screen on front wall, 5.1 surround sound




built a loft for storage above the garage door


Now I have to tear down the false chimney off the back of the house, fill in the roof area, replace siding, then go inside the house and rip off the mantle, remove the fireplace and drywall and replace all of it since the incompetency of the piece of sh!t roofing contractor allowed water to flood my house.
Also restoring my 1994 Suburban with 270K miles on it ( original engine still has 160# compression on all cylinders) stripped/blasted all the paint off of it, resprayed it, gutted the interior, etc.






so still working on my Bucket List, doing pretty good this year as I'm going to drive an Indy Car in November, getting closer to being able to work with my son in his stereo/subwoofer business:
I guess that's it for an abbreviated version, oh, did I tell you I'm a



Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 19, 2010
Suddenly I am suffering from Photo Envy!!! Ah well here is a picture of my new Roy Frame Jr. Freehand pipe


Oh by the way, just FYI for those who live in the Bay Area - I worked at 2 pipe stores (albeit briefly): Sherlock's Haven San Francisco - when Marty Pulvers was still in the Embarcadero Plaza and Druquer's when it was still open on University Avenue in Berkeley. So I kind of know tobacco and what I like. Who knows? Maybe I sold you something. :wink:



Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 1, 2010
Y'know? I thought I had done this, but in the spirit of keeping Hobie off my back......... Here goes.
Born in 1955 and raised in Surrey and Sussex in the UK. Started fooling around with Guitars and Piano when I was about 6. First Job was working in a Music Shop, which lead to me joining a few bands in the area as the years went by, culminating in ending up touring most of Europe playing Army and USAF Airforce Bases etc. On a brief visit home, was approached to record some guitar parts for a friend who was a Singer Songwriter with a contract with Island Records. This in turn ended up with me becoming one of the regular session guys who worked for Island and a few others. Toured and recorded pretty much continuously up until 83 when things went wrong on the relationship front and ended up flat broke, in huge amounts of debt that I was completely unaware of, only to discover that everything I owned had been sold apart from the clothes on my back. Worked flat out for 18 months just to repay Madam's debts, living on various friends settees and floors until I was able to afford a one room flat.

For various reasons, left the music industry and began working with the elderly, mentally frail. Continued with that for about 6 years and then got that wanderlust again and upped sticks and moved further north. Got a job in another music store and started playing again. Been that way ever since really. Met and married my greatest friend in the world and finally began to trust again. Had a glitch on the health front in 1995 which led to me becoming a Bi Lateral amputee (ankle level). Continued playing sessions etc but no more Gigs unless they were Theatre Gigs where we are seated either in a Pit or behind the Wings out of sight. Moved to East Anglia and have been here ever since. 3 years ago had to have further amputations which took me to the rather more conventional "Below Knee" level and I now have my full mobility returned and am enjoying every second of life again.
I have been a Pipe Smoker since 1976 and have been a devotee of Petersons for all that time.

Oct 25, 2011
I will bite.
Glad I am not the only female pipe smoker on the forums. I am married toPaul The Pipe Ninja, it will be 10 years, oh nuts, next friggin week.
I picked up pipe smoking after my grandfather passed away. I was about 15 and I was close to him, when he passed my father gave me one of his pipes. After sitting on my dresser for many years, curiousity finally got the better of me to give it a try. I really enjoyed it, but I had the typical growing pains like many others, wicked ass tounge bite/burn, limited knowledge of how to pack and light a pipe etc. But I finally got the hang of it.
I work as a freelance photographer, with images submitted to many of the major news wires, so I follow the news and travel quite a lot. The travel bit is getting old however and both He Who Must Obey Me and I are looking to start a full time photography studio.
Paul and I share many of the same hobbies that, quite frankly, I think it can be a little erie. We both love horror / suspense movies (we both love a good scare), love of photography, sports (he follows baseball and hockey, I just follow baseball and tollerate the hockey).
We are coffee freaks, there is never a moment the coffee pot is not brewing something. We definitely are not coffee "snobs" however, as we primarily drink Dunkin Donuts, we know there is much better stuff out there, but it is what we like.
That's about all I can think of at the moment. Now that Paul forced me to answer this, I am handing the laptop back to him :) !
Oh! I almost forgot our pets. We have a rescue Shih Tzu named Howie (my profile picture), an orange Persian Cat named Ollie and we are looking to add a maybe Basset Hound to the mix or a Lhasa Apso (damn Paul wants a white one with long fur so he can name it Casper).



Sep 7, 2011
Capac, Michigan
My real name is Ben.I'm 18. I live in nowhere Michigan and work at McDonalds. I enjoy to cook and bake.I also like playing video games and I love movies. I live on 21 acres, and we have a track the runs around most of it for atvs.I like to shoot guns, but I don't hunt.Thats pretty much it

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