Show Off Your ATF Here, Minus the A

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Richmond B. Funkenhouser

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Dec 6, 2019
This is not going to go down well here but I think to open a thread on 'show us your preferred killing device ' on a pipe smoking forum (allegedly an easy going pastime) during a world pandemic is in my opinion more than crass.

Come on guys, can't you think of a more uplifting or positive 'show us your.....' thread in these horrid times?


Talk like that makes people think guns are bad..

It’s not a killing device it’s a freedom machine.
That’s why they aren’t allowed in the UK or Europe.
First post I've ever clicked love on.

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Apr 24, 2019
Shot my buddies Wilson combat AR yesterday, definitely need to do a build as I could never afford that one :)
Really like yours elessar!
I appreciate that. AR's, the 15 especially, is an easy build. Also easy to upgrade as you go. Get a good barrel, trigger, and optics and you are there. The rest is just window dressing for the most part.


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I was getting ready to dig out my small collection of Automatic Transmission Fluid containers from the garage until carlomarx spelled it out... nana

Actually, I collect and shoot old bolt action military surplus rifles, mostly 1890's through 1960's.

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View attachment 26904
I spy with my little eye.......

A CARBINE! That doesn't belong on that table. PM me and I will send you my address so I can dispose of it for you.... puffy.

THAT is an amazing collection Jay!


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Hahaha, that is probably less than 1% of the books in our house. We have 6 of those bookshelves, two floor to ceiling ones, and our tv is surrounded floor to ceiling by inset bookshelves. And then theres the 15 or so cardboard boxes in the garage. I am a bookworm that married a bookworm and we refuse to throw any of them away. We are word hoarders.
LOL! And I have all that AND MORE sitting on my nightstand...... And a complete duplicate set in my car :)

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Aug 2, 2016
Would LOVE to see pictures of it, sir.
It had belonged to my great uncle, whom I never had the chance to meet. Though how he came upon it is unknown. He was sort of an interesting figure as he was classmate to Eisenhower and Omar Bradley at West Point and his first commission was serving alongside George Patton in Pershing's expeditionary force. Injured in WWI and moved to the Philippines after the war, opening a plantation. Was there when the Japanese invaded and re-commissioned and placed in charge of guerrilla forces on Mindanao. Killed just days before the war ended.


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Jul 9, 2019
SE Georgia
My P365. I'd like to call it an EDC, but they frown upon bringing on a military base.
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Nice piece! Yeah, never really got the whole firearms on base thing. As a 12 yr veteran and military contractor for another 8 yrs, I’m pretty sure we all know what we’re doing, ok never mind some people shouldn’t own guns or have children:ROFLMAO: (military or not)

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