RIP Guitar Legend Jeff Beck aged 78.

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May 11, 2011
I forgot that Billy Gibbons met him at a very young age.

I met Jeff Beck when I was 17 and I was glad to know a guy like that, a guy who was able to show me how this guitar playing thing should be approached and that’s still very much the case. – Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top in a statement.
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Sam Gamgee

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Sep 24, 2022
DFW, Texas
I was an 80s kid and the first time I saw Jeff Back was in Rod Stewart’s “People Get Ready” video on MTV. I was thinking, “Who is that dude on guitar? He’s great!”
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Feb 3, 2013
This news made me sad. I wasn't a big fan, until we went to see him and Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1989 (SRV's last tour, In Step and Guitar Shop for Beck). I've been a fan ever since. A few years ago, we found this picture in some books in our basement, now framed in our pool room. I had tickets to see him and Buddy Guy a few years ago, but the untimely death of my mother-in-law kept us from attending. RIP Jeff.

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This album is still a favorite and always the CD I put on to test audio systems, speakers, etc.

I also saw that tour in Sacramento. Mostly went to see Stevie Ray. I was never really of fan of Jeff Beck but it was pretty cool when he and Stevie played Superstition together,
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