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Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 29, 2016
I did something I have never done before and that is - I bought a large amount of a blend I’ve never tried.

Grabbed 2lbs of Whimsical on launch.

I was just tired of talking myself out of large purchases only to find out I enjoyed something that was no longer available after I got to try it and I really need to get the non-English portion of my cellar back up before the govt screws us all over on tobacco taxes…..again.

FOMO may have finally took its toll, and I may get burned but I’m sure it will be someone else’s gain in the Buy Sell Trade thread if I don’t enjoy it. (I blame Jim’s review :LOL: - just messin Jim)

Piping Rooster

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 29, 2022
Champa Bay
Group by on St nick with a friend if i don’t dig it my share will be up for trade soon enough or at cost.

I love the big solani tins, not crazy about the little unsealed bags in them.

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Hey AJL67, I just want to make sure you're saving enough money for food to eat. I know this is a pipe and tobacco forum but we need to look out for each other! LOL J/K! But be sure to save some for the rest of us! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


Can't Leave
Jul 14, 2022
Today's KBV delivery:

1x Raven Eye Flake
1x San Valentino - Herre gud, this smells just like strawberries and cream oatmeal. That will be in the pipe tonight.
1x Acadian Flake - Based upon smell alone, I kinda wish I would have ordered more, but we have to smoke it first.
1x Byronic Hiro - I ordered two, but only got one. Ken already responded saying he will ship out the other one today. Great customer service. This one may kill me, though. All I smell is vinegar. Gonna let it dry out (top right of the photo) to see if that does anything to it. If not, in the jar it goes for a year or two.
1x Uzumaki



Aug 2, 2016
For a time decades ago I was a pretty regular burley smoker. Haven't smoked a predominantly burley blend in many years. Out of the blue tonight got a hankering for a burley-perique blend. Wanted to try OJK for the first time and interestingly the only site I could find it in stock for bulk was P&C. So, ordered a half pound of it along with a half pound of Bayou Morning. Am starting to tire a bit with oriental and latakia blends. Time for a switch-up.