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Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 14, 2021
I have a host of different blends coming from different sources. Had to go buy more Ball jars as a result for the bulk entries. Problem is I am running out of space to store them all. Reconciling my current inventory of mixtures presently on hand at this point I am well over 220 individual blends and still buying. I do have a problem I believe.


Feb 21, 2013
I'm not a high volume consumer, but when SP recently had a discount on C&D bulk I did pick up 4 ounces of Bayou Night, which is one of my favorite stronger English blends with burley. A couple of generous hearted members recently sent me some tins, and right now I'm enjoying Squadron Leader as a summer blend.

Meerly John

Can't Leave
Aug 4, 2021
Got my hands on a Sun Bear last week from the B&M, and ordered 2 tins of London Blend on Friday.

Ordered 2 more tins SB and 2 more LB yesterday, and received the first 2 tins of LB today. Pretty good stuff!

For those of you waiting on your Sun Bear, get excited because it's significantly better than last year (I liked last year's).


Can't Leave
Jun 15, 2018
Hey all,

I've decided to create a monthly purchase order to both increase my cellar depth on things that I really like, and add to that any specific limited-edition or small batch offering that is featured during that current month. I have a few small batch tins put away, but since I have, after 4 years of pipe smoking, gravitated to many blends that I like (and there are a lot of them) I thought I'd work to deepen my stash against the time when tobacco prices go out of sight, and when it becomes impossible to procure the blends I want online (we have no decent B&M for pipe tobacco anywhere near where I live, although we have an excellent cigar shop/lounge).

This being the case, here is my latest TAD addition, after my last one that featured 8 tins of 1992-2022 Anthology:

1 x C&D Manhattan Afternoon 2oz
12 x C&D Sun Bear Mountain Flower 2oz
1 x GLP Telegraph Hill 2oz
1 x GLP Windjammer 2oz
1 x Kramer's Father Dempsey 4oz
5 x Peterson's De Luxe Navy Rolls 50g
1 x SPC Galloping Gertie 2oz

My next order will have some Newminster #400 Superior Flake, and some Low COuntry Natural Virginia and Oriental. As you can see, in the summer months I like smoking Virginias and lighter blends, but I'm a HUGE English fan as well so I have quite a few iterations of SPC Plum Pudding, Esoterica Margate, Dunhill and Peterson Nightcap, Arango Balkan Supreme, etc. Don't know when online purchases may become unavailable, so I'm hedging...and, I'm interested to start aging some nice Va/per, Va/bur and Virginias.

Well, that's my TAD rant....



Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
First, thanks to @jpmcwjr for starting TAD pickups, Version 2.0. I nearly had an aneurysm when I saw the old thread was kaput. ?

Anyhow, it's lovely to come back from a vacation and have a Smokingpipes package waiting for me:

2x Mac Baren Burley London Blend
1x GLP Windjammer
1x Ashton Artisan Blend
1x Ashton Consummate Gentleman
1 oz. Mac Baren Vanilla Cream

Would've gotten a MM Carolina Gent, but they've been sold out of 'em for weeks. Maybe next time.


May 26, 2022
Florida - Space Coast
That one drop alone could probably keep me in clover for a year! Man, I wish we had your tax set up and then I could get myself properly addicted! ?
First, well not first, but find yourself some likeminded friends, a ship full of overtaxed goods.. taxes you pay but see no benefit from, feathers, face paint ..oh shit dressing up like Indians (feather not dot) that would be cultural appropriation and like a 10 year prison sentence in your country.
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