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Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 25, 2016
Yes ! That's what I meant. I am certainly far from an expert but I was interested and did alot of reading and looking at pictures. The modern versions make the bowl more cylindrical and accentuate the separation from the stummel and I personally call these 'western hungarians'. Originals or traditional are closer to the BBK Swiss pipes which is where I suspect they got the shape from:
View attachment 232010
That flower is an Edelweiss which grows in the Alps above 2000 feet. (See Band of Brothers)

See also pictures:

There were traditionally three shapes popular in Hungary though ... each different. Hope that helps.
Thanks, this is great stuff! I need to go and dig out my Hungarian pipe that my wife gave me and see how eastern or western the design is. I really appreciate your research and sharing of knowledge!


Your Mom's Favorite Pipe Smoker
Aug 27, 2016
Just curious ... How long does that simmer ?? I'm guessing 3-4 hrs. Beautiful birdseye grain !
Had my first smoke in it earlier today today. A C&D ribbon cut blend (Miskatonic Mixture) lasted over two hours, outside, and I was smoking pretty consistently.
Indoors with a flake I'm sure I could protract it to 3 hours, and it's really not a big pipe.


Might Stick Around
Jul 6, 2023
Nashville, TN
Mine can. You need to do that half twist but it’s not an issue. I find it super easy with a stiff pipe cleaner like white elephant but even a standard BJ Longs works great once you know what you’re doing. I’ve been impressed how BriarWorks’ deep bends like this and the Moonshine Cannonball can pass pipe cleaners.
Appreciate the feedback. Ive been eyeing a few of their shapes to join the two I already own…the oom paul was likely top on my list [or is that the cannonball, or OR01…shut up and take my money], but that hard bend scared me a bit. I own a Pete 338 that looks great, but cant pass a cleaner with the stem on. I have been very impressed with Briarworks engineering and drilling thus far.


Might Stick Around
Mar 27, 2011
An Oom Paul c
What is it that makes an Oom Paul an Oom Paul? I thought it was just having a flat bottom but apparently it is more than that.

I always thought of the attached picture being a Oom Paul, but I guess it isn't? What would you call the attached pic?

View attachment 224174
An Oom Paul can have a flat (sitter) or round bottom. Classically, it should be full-bent and have a tall cylindrical bowl with the lower part of the shank being a little bulbous. The bowl can be slender, like the old Barlings or shorter and stocky like a Custom-Bilt.
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Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 6, 2023
Maryland, United States
Yes. Last night, I ordered a Morgan Bones Oom Paul/Hungarian. I have no others in my collection so this will be a first.
I have that one. It's a great pipe, it is by far my best driving pipe. Enjoy it!

I found that the beauty of an oom paul/Hungarian is in its functionality. I can load it up with tobacco and spend the next couple hours doing anything else. The pipe hangs from my jaw leaving my hands free to [whatever I'm doing].

NC TX ID pipeman

Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 25, 2021
North Carolina,Texas,Idaho
@ NC TX ID pipeman which one is the jost?
I have just bought one due to this thread and I wonder if the stem should have more bend to it
View attachment 232312View attachment 232313
Well...Nice pipe....I prefer bigger bent in stems as well...there is a way you can bent vulcanite stems heating the stem up with heat lamp or maybe a candle but I always let a restoration guy to do it...he charge me a few bucks for it only...let me know if you want contact on him...older stems seems to straighten up during their lifetimes..not all but on some of my pipes they did...Your stem needs bent down over an inch or more...My Jost pipe is basicaly comoy 235..I did not bent this one but it needs it as well.yours is slightly different shape but nice..Enjoy it!20230709_025424_HDR.jpg


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