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Preferred Member
Aug 28, 2013
I've been introduced to Abe Herbaugh's pipes and they are amazing smokers as well as attractive and comfortable. To me he is similar in style and engineering to Scott Thile. Maybe Scott helped him out at some point. I have a pipe from each carver that are so similar that it would be hard to even tell them apart except for a very slight difference in finish.



Preferred Member
Apr 10, 2015
In Arizona, there's Scott Hudson. I've got a Poker on the way from him. It'll be my first handmade pipe.


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New member
Dec 22, 2014
This fellow is from kalamazoo michigan. He is part of my pipe club and I own one of his pieces. Smokes very well, just wanted to help him out and help you all out with a phenomenal pipe artist. You can also find him on facebook at "RobE's Art".



Preferred Member
Chris Morgan @ Morgan Pipes

Brendon Pinkham @ 363Pipes

Richard Kopf @ Rick Black Pipes

Joe Case @ Joe Case Pipes

Mike Couch @ Couch Pipes

Z Hamric @ Z Hamric Pipes

Anders Skoll (Andrew Cummings) @ Lonely Crow Pipes

John Hines @ John Hines Pipes

Tim Pollock @ Tim Pollock Pipes

Giovanni Placentile @ Gio Pipes

Anan Kay Pillai @ Anan Pipes

Jared and John @ J & J Pipes

John Jensen @ Revs Pipes

Mark Balkovec @ Balkovec Pipes

Josh Whitehead @ Joshua Whitehead's Artwork(Multi Talent Bloke)

Pauls Pipes @ Pauls Pipes

Basil Meadows @ Red Dog Pipes

Olie Sylvester @ OOm Paul Pipes

Nick Caudill and Justin Kellermeier @ Split Beard Pipes

Joe Hinkle @ Hinkle Pipes



Preferred Member
Dec 14, 2015
My next new pipe will be a Jesse Jones commission. I've gotten to know him and he is both a great guy and a great pipe maker!



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Great list of North American artisan carvers. Though I am devoted to factory pipes -- the main brands and some of the domestic brands, I do have some artisan works. The late Bob Hayes, an award-winning N.C. carver, sold me a pipe at a jaw-dropping discount, my only bamboo shank pipe, a Dublin. Also, since 2002, I've bought about ten Jerry Perry pipes, about half in Mountain Laurel, that I greatly enjoy. Jerry only sells in person at the N.C. State Fair and TAPS pipe show; his independence is another of his salient virtues.
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