New ABC News Article on Pipe Resurgence

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Part of the Furniture Now
Apr 11, 2013
Came across this article earlier. Not sure if it has already been posted today but found it interesting and wanted to pass it on.
ABC News Article
The comments at the bottom are also pretty interesting to read. Gotta love the Pipe and Tobacco Haters.



Feb 21, 2013
Those look like some fine pipes at really good prices that Richard Lewis makes. The usual squabble at

the end in the comments. Lots of venting, and only a few remarks directed at the subject, most of it

releasing anxieties and anger that is unrelated to the subject. The "comments" online are ninety percent

this, unhappiness directed at any subject at hand. Road rage, family troubles, spouse troubles, job troubles,

all unloaded at nearly anyone in sight. What is a hipster? This is a cultural assignment so vague as to be

metaphysical. College students in narrow jeans who ... smoke pipes. Two of them are an organization,

three a conspiracy. I think I'll go to Jon's and zone out.

Jan 8, 2013
Yes, derfargin. Unfortunately it's becoming a hipster thing lately. Does that suck? Yes it sucks. But is it also awesome? Yes it is also awesome. Why? Because it's boosting sales of our favorite things and therefore helping our favorite industry.



Oct 18, 2013
I think pipe smoking was somewhat "hipster" well before today's time.
In the 60's, if you were a college student, it was quite "hipster" to smoke a pipe.
A lot of Middleton Cherry was smoked in the name of cool. :)

Hippies, yuppies, new wave, punk, metalheads, redneck, grunge, preppie, gothic, rap, and now hipster. :::sigh::: who cares. I have known people in about every category in my time, and we're all just people. I used to have a sticker on the dashboard of my car in college that said "If your taste in music defines who you are, then don't touch my radio."
Why does this stuff make people so angry? I don't understand it, but there's lots of stuff in the world that doesn't make sense to me, but I carry on. I just do my own thing and respect other people's thing. No one needs to be pissing on shoes.



Apr 26, 2013
Ok. 1st off, great article.
Then, I read the comments.
Ignorant F'ing robots.
This country is going down the s***ter.
Don't tread on me!



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 12, 2012
It bothers me somewhat that pipes have become a fashion accessory. It doesn't bother me that a bunch of idiots are doing it for looks and really have absolutely no clue about pipes, pipe smoking or tobacco, but it does bother me that it means me, specially at 27 years old, am inmediately bunched up with these kind of people.
Though as said above, its great for the industry, at least in the short term.
About the comments... Personally i'm a bad, vengeful person when it comes to tobacco opinions. I smoke cigarettes, pipes and cigars. I'm generally healthy, cycle an average of 50 miles every week and have somewhere around 9% body fat. I have been smoking for 14 years now (in moderation, never more than 6 cigs a day) and my measured lung capacity is still above 5.3 liters. I've been carrying around a couple of pictures of diabetes amputees on my phone and I really, REALLY can't wait for some fat, dumb f***er to tell me to quit smoking so I can lash out savagely and carefully explain to him how he is, in all probability, going to die an earlier and more painful death than me.... I'd specially love it if he were clutching a big sugary soda or a bag of chips.
We all choose our poisons. Its a matter of reading and understanding the label and staying the heck outta other people's choices.



Aug 23, 2013
Good for Rich Lewis. The comments got out of hand shortly after the first typical fashion.



Oct 31, 2011
East Indiana
I don't care if you smoke a pipe because it's a cool affectation, because it gives you your nicotine fix or any other reason. If you are spending money at Tobacco shops, both B&M's and online, then you are helping to keep pipe smoking alive, period. We need to quit hating on the young "hipster" crowd and embrace them as simply pipe smokers, we are a minority within a minority and infighting and name calling will only serve to split us apart, thus helping the anti's remove tobacco all together, be it with taxes or regulations. I'll bet that if you each think back to when you were in your twenties, most of you did a lot more stupid shit, trying to be hip and cool, than the current "hipsters" penchant for beards, hoppy beer and our beloved pipes!



Aug 22, 2014
Single malt scotch, craft beers, cigars, good food, fancy coffee, plus pipe smoking making a comeback: we are living in a new Golden Age.



Jun 10, 2012
New Orleans
Good article, thanks for's was all good until he began talking about selling 60 and $70,000 pipes....well, all that matters is if it brings more positive attention to pipe smoking and awareness to our hobby

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