Need Mild Tobacco without Burley

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Jan 28, 2024
Hello all. Just joined. Been smoking Dolphin from Edward's in TPA for many years. They cannot get the ingredients anymore for that blend. They're sending me some samples to try (we're in the DFW area) but in the meantime I need a recommendation for a new tobacco. Two requirements for the new substitute: must be mild and MUST NOT HAVE BURLEY. I can't smoke burley as it makes me dizzy. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Jan 28, 2024
If there was any burley in Edward's Dolphin blend, it was miniscule. Yes, burley makes me dizzy as it does for some people. I've been smoking Dolphin since the seventies when I started smoking a pipe and it's basically the only blend I've smoked since then, and I've never had an issue with that blend. I would like to stay away from burley if I can.

As far as the search feature, since I'm new to this forum what would I enter into the parameters? I never realized (nor did my wife make mention of) any peach aroma from the Dolphin; what I really need is something that's really mild and does not contain burley.

As Captain Kirk said to Mr Spock, I am open to any reasonable suggestions.




Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 5, 2023
Tidewater, VA
Not to put too fine a point on this, but mild can mean a number of things. Mild Nic, Mild taste, Mild Smoke etc.
In the realm of Virginias, Yorktown is pretty mild and so is Sutliff 507C Virginia Slices. Both are available in bulk and modestly priced. These are both tasty tobaccos but they are not as hollow and airy as an aromatic. Room not is mild, taste is mild and nic hit is pretty mild.

There are others, but depending on how much you smoke And what your price sensitivity is we really need more from you to provide clear direction.

As noted, at Tobacco Reviews you can enter search parameters to assist you more directly.
Jul 12, 2011
Hi Mike,
Try smoking Aromatics with much lower NIC levels, all tobacco has NIC in it, so if you are NIC sensitive this might not be the right path for you or maybe smoke certain blends in smaller pipes. The "dizzy" you speak of is the NIC hit - try having something with sugar if you are already dancing with lady NIC - some fruit juice, dark chocolate, etc. should help but it is a waiting game before you level out really ~ Lady NIC loves to Tango with the Dragon bdw *

Stay well hydrated as well.

Boswell makes wonderful "slow sipping" aromatics that Aromatic Piper's haved loved over the years - I'm not one of them because I don't care for aromatics and crave the flavor and strengh of natural tobacco without casing. Now the SMELL of Boswell's Aromatics makes me want to EAT them not smoke them, haha

Boswell Aromatic Blend List to look over; * I have tried
- Black Cherry
- Boswell's Best
- Cherry Vanilla
- Honey Roast
- Apple Strudel
- Berry Cobbler *
- Cherry Smash *
- Chocolate Cream *
- Christmas Cookie *
- Cupcake
- Dan's Blend
- Maple Leaf
- No Bite DeLite
- Paradise
- Peaches and Cream *
- Pennsylvania Dutch Treat
- Piper's Pleasure
- Pom Holiday
- Raspberry Cream
- Vanilla Cream *
- Sweet Tea

You might also enjoy C&D's Autumn Evening - Maple flavor; Check the Strength ( aka NIC levels ) on the blends you are looking over ; Sounds like you want to stay between the 1 to 2 mark rating here based on your post.


Can't Leave
Mar 11, 2023
Atlanta, GA
There's burley and then there's BURLEY. Most of the Peter Stokkebye blends have burley in them but I can retrohale them all night without scorching the nostrils:
PS1 Natural - nice, easy bend with a light caramel topping
Natural Dutch Cavendish - very fruity, bit more burley but still very smooth, def more nicotine
Peaches and Creme - really lovely aromatic, you can actually taste this one, yum
English Luxury - very smooth English blend with light latakia

Newminster #48 Danish Gold is about as light and silky as can be, it rivals 1Q.

C&D Winchester is a terrific VA blend with black cavendish, also try Autumn Evening

If you want to try some VA flakes, GH Glengarry Flake is the lightest of them all, quite lovely and smooth.


Jan 28, 2024
My sincere thanks for the quick replies! Requests for information on some forums do not get many responses - not that I'd names, but the various VW forums spring to mind - but y'all rock!

Turns out I'd had some 1-Q that I'd purchased a long time ago from Iwan Ries in ORD (what a terrific place!) and I tried it last night. While mild, I found it didn't have a whole lot of flavor and my wife wasn't wild about the aroma. Don't get me wrong as it wasn't bad at all, but admittedly I'm used to the Dolphin from Edwards. I also ordered a small pouch of both the 1-Q (maybe something fresher might be a tad different) and the Autumn Evening to try. For grins and giggles, I also ordered a pouch of the Good Companion from Edwards. Perhaps it was, as mentioned, an issue with the Nic Hit and as I'd tried it when I'd first started smoking maybe I was more sensitive to that aspect of pipe smoking back then (1978). Who knows, maybe it won't be so bad now as I have a few miles under my belt now.

My father used to smoke Captain Black and when I tried it, I found that while it smelled terrific it was (for me) exceptionally harsh. Perhaps the other Captain Black blend would be milder.

I'm very appreciative of all of your suggestions; please keep them coming.


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