James J. Fox London Visit

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Smoking a Pipe Right Now
Staff member
Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
I made a visit to the famous James J. Fox Tobacconist in London yesterday and acquired a 2018 Dunhill White Spot Cumberland 3407 Prince Pipe along with Gawith Hoggarth's Louisiana Flake, which is a scrumptious blend of Virginia, Perique and Burley with the addition of cocoa, and vanilla. They are the tobacconist to the royal court - Grantor HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Winston Churchill not only bought his cigars here, he also hung out and smoked them. You can even sit in the same chair and smoke.

They are among the very few shops to be exempt from the smoking ban. The rule here is that you have to come in and buy something, and what you bought is what you are supposed to smoke, and nothing else. Sam, their pipe specialist also told me that they have a harder time getting Penzance and Margate than we do in the states.

A few blocks away and around the corner is the Alfred Dunhill store, which has nothing to do with tobacco for many years, although he is the namesake for the famous pipe and tobacco brands.04.jpg05.jpg06.jpg07.jpg08.jpg09.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg


Feb 21, 2013
What a wonderful pilgrimage. I love London for many reasons, though I never got there. That place is a shrine for sure. I love the rules and rituals, smoke what you buy there, etc., and the Churchill connection.

That prince shape is similar to the pipes that the late great foggymountain preferred buying on his most recent years on Forums.


Feb 21, 2016
Corfu Greece
Excellent pictures. Never been there. I only know them from their pipe loading method in the palm of your hand. Some Irish gentleman, I think.
that would have been David Mc Grane who was managing director of the Dublin Ireland store.there are a few videos made by him on you tube.
he retired in 2017 after 45 years at the store.
I really enjoyed his Irish accent in the videos