I've Been Away for a While...Need Updates

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Mar 3, 2014
Kennesaw, GA
IPSD did two things yesterday. 1. Brought me to some of my favorite online retail sites, to invest in my TAD.

2. Brought me back to forum/chat sites to re-connect with old friends.
In doing so, I've been catching up on the forums, reading things like McClelland not selling Red Kake(mind blown :( ), McClelland shutting things down.(dunno if that's true)
If you guys could be as so kind as to fill me in what I've missed over the year and 1/2 I haven't been active here.
Where are things with the "FDA Deeming" regs?
What's the hard to find/sought after blend these days? A year or so ago, it was Esoterica usuals, and John A's Luxury Flake.
I've noticed lots of tobacco out of stock/back-ordered on websites. Is this just due to the regular stamped of panic that circulates from time to time among the TAD hoarders?
Any insight you guys can provide would be appreciated. :D Thanks



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Aug 9, 2013
The McClelland Area 5100 is where lights have been spotted in the skies at night, but no one from the actual company will neither confirm, nor deny these reports.
The FDA has pushed back the deadline, and there seems to be reports of wavering.
Harris came back, which made Peck come back, but then Peck got bored with it all and left again. But, there have been sightings and footprints left around campgrounds. But, we don't have any of the old battle of the witlesses between them anymore. So...
Anything McClelland is now as rare as three dollar bills. SG FVF is just as rare, selling out in just a few days after it is re-released. I'm not sure why, because some say it now has a Lakeland essence now that GH&co bought out SG. Penzance, eh... old news.
The FDA set off a buying frenzy on almost anything anyways, so despite the red VA falsehoods, everything is hard to get in general. So, we all smoke aromatics. Some have said this is all just a conspiracy by Lane LTD to trick us all into smoking their nicotine-less icecream blends. "Come on kids, get in the van. I've got candy!"
And, that's the world according to Cosmic. YMMV



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Jun 3, 2015
Well It's all rumor right now.
But McClelland is closing shop according to that other thread over there. That's probably the biggest news. Oh and GL Pease has been rumored to start making McClelland Blends. Sourced from the same thread.
As far as FDA regulations, that's a political topic and should no longer be discussed. That is if you consider government regulations political. 8O



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Nov 28, 2011
Dunhill blends are still available but have been discontinued so only a matter of time until the mad rush hits and Ebay takes over price inflation.



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Jun 15, 2013
Welcome back!
FDA extended the compliance date for blends created after Feb 15th 2007 from August of this year to August 8 2021. So you still have some time to buy endangered blends.
4noggins was sold to a new owner.
Rumor has it that McClelland is ceasing operations. This is causing the usual gnashing of teeth, rending of cloth, and sacrificing of purported virgins. Naturally, people who never gave a shit about these blends rushed to hoard them because we're SUCH a community of brothers.
The Dunhill dot has been proven to not be made of ivory, despite the insistent claims of its acolytes. There have been rumors of suicides over this.
BAT, downer of the Dunhill blends, announced a year ago that Dunhill branded tobaccos would cease to be available after a period of 12 to 18 months. They have rebuffed efforts to buy these blends.
Motzek Strang has not reappeared since Motzek sold the business.
Germain's products are still unicorns, including the Esoterica line and their indefensible version of Balkan Sobranie. I'm going to start a rumor that Germain's, facing increasing international tobacco regulation, is going to say "screw it" and close shop within the next two years.
Samuel Gawith completed its reintegration with Gawith Hoggarth. Smokers now claim that FVF and other SG products now taste like urinal cake.
Condor is now manufactured in Poland.
Peck came and went.
I'm sure that there's more, but I can't remember it.



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Mar 3, 2014
Kennesaw, GA
Excellent, good be caught up on the rumor mill. C&D and Pease still going strong? I see C&D even brought back some oldies..Can't say if they were goodies just yet, as I've yet to smoke them up. Soon......soon. I've always leaned toward their blends for my normal rotations.
Thanks for the updates guys, there's always some kind of panic at any given time with blends, so it's just business as usual I guess.
Thanks for the re-welcome Sable, PApipeguy and Cosmic.



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Jan 8, 2013
What's the hard to find/sought after blend these days?
Captain Black Grape. Everybody wants it and demand is extremely high. A tin recently sold on Ebay for $800.00 8O It's amazing! It's like grape Kool-Aid in your pipe!

And welcome back to the forum! :mrgreen:



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Jun 27, 2016
Pretty much everyone has run out or is running out of their Syrian Latakia. McClelland's definitely did a while ago, I think that MacBaren's may have by now as well.



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Feb 6, 2013
This thread makes me gleeful.
Also, glad you’re back. Where’s the bar? I haven’t been able to find it since Harris popped back in.
— Pat



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Sep 13, 2013
We should have a thread, available only to cosmic and sable, where they post a monthly summation of the previous month's most notable activity. They are succinct and provide a bit of humor as well.

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