How Many Tobaccos in Your Rotation?

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Aug 4, 2018
My regulars
H&H Chatham Manor

Mac Baren HH Burley Flake

PS Bullseye Flake

Marlin Flake

C&D Mississippi River
I sprinkle in lots of others but these have become my favorites.



Dec 20, 2016
Three. For a few years, it has been three open at any time:
1. Tashkent;

2. Frog Morton (original); and

3. A miscellaneous blend...often something new or something by GL Pease or an old favorite, like Troost Slices.
This will probably change for a while, though. I wasn't online much over the last year and missed the entire McClelland closing up shop news so didn't stock up on Frog Morton. I'll probably run through quite a few blends until I find a permanent replacement. Then I'll be sure to buy plenty. I have 30# of Tashkent set by, so at least one slot should stay consistent. :D


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Preferred Member
Aug 31, 2012
Except for not duplicating tobacco blends and pipes during the day, I have no real structure. I do vary genres a lot to keep my interest and my palate refreshed. How much I have open varies greatly. Back when I was steadily reviewing and trading, I'd often have 50-70 open baggies and tins. My record was 158 when I was reviewing Sutliff match blends and comparing them to the originals. That was a bit too much, but it was necessary work, I felt. Right now, I probably have 30 or so that I'm working on.



Preferred Member
Mar 22, 2018
This week I am enjoying

Dunhill three year

C&D haunted bookshop

Ps bullseye flake from 2014

I have many more blends jarred due to bulk purchases but I do try to keep my weekly rotation to only a few,



Preferred Member
Jan 13, 2014
I have a lot of tobacco. I can't stick to a rotation long enough to say I have a rotation. I do gravitate towards burly though and sometimes I suffer through virgina blends.



Senior Member
Jan 17, 2017
I have at least two ounces (some four) of all the blends I’ve tried and enjoyed available in my cabinet ready to smoke. My “rotation” as it is. It probably consists of about 50 different blends.The ones I really like I’ve stocked up on and placed in my “cellared” cabinet in 8 oz mason jars. Those that I didn’t like have been cellared in hopes that my tastes will change or age will help them. In two years I’m now up to about 25 pounds.



Preferred Member
Nov 21, 2018
Atlanta, GA
I’m pretty new to pipes, I have about 10 blends jarred but I regularly rotate between maybe 3 of them. The rest I’m not in love with but I’ll try them once in a while to see if my taste for them has changed. TBH, I probably keep 3 in my core rotation because I have 3 pipes. If I had a dozen pipes it might be a different story...



Preferred Member
Mar 25, 2016
Listing what I've got open would be like singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas." I can't stand "The Twelve Days of Christmas." (Twelve jars of bulk, eleven tubs of codger, ten chopped up plugs ... :oops: )
When I moved over a year and a half ago, I had open tobacco matters shored up to about a dozen smaller open jars. As soon as I settled and started visiting brick-and-mortars and shopping online, well, I started opening things again.
It's a tough life ... :wink: :puffy:



Senior Member
Jan 9, 2019
Only two at the moment. S&G Coniston and an Irish Cream. I have, however, a S&G Balken flake, S&G St James flake, and an S&G Ennerdale flake still to try.
It's a very exciting time for me, tobacco wise. So, so sooooo much to discover.



New member
Feb 24, 2019
ophiucus: fiiiive gooolden slices!
I've just started smoking again so I'm shooting for a broad range, buying sampler packs and biting at discounts. My entire "cellar" is 10 2oz jars, plus a pound of HGL and 8 oz of Potlatch. I've got six tins in the mail of Seattle Pipe Club and Gurkha that was on sale. As I learn more about what I like I'll start stocking up on my favorites.
Standard Tobacco Sampler: John Cotton #1, #1+#2, Smyrna. Bengal Slices. Warhorse.

Dunhill Sampler: Apertif, Durbar, Elizabethan.

Misc: Lane HGL, SPC Potlatch, Balkan Sasieni, Erinmore Flake.
I've liked all of it, except Warhorse. And I'm not convinced by Erinmore Flake yet. But I'm a try anything twice kinda guy so I'll keep it around. My concern is that I'll open every tin I get and use up all the lady's canning jars and forget to replace them by canning season. I don't think I have the willpower to say "I'll try that one in a couple days" let alone months or years. Gotta smoke em all.



Junior Member
Dec 24, 2018
I think I got the pipe smoking bug bad because I just started before Christmas and I already have about thirty different blends and about half opened.


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