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Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 17, 2019
Depends on how you define blends methinks. If mixing store bought blends into something new I think there might be enough interest in it. But if you're talking about base tobacco and creating something new out of nothing, while still super cool, it would limit the amount of people I think


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 11, 2018
I'd be interested in hearing what others are doing. I recently created a blend for myself with a small amount of base tobacco provided at a meeting of the Brooklyn Pipe Society (my son's club.) I pressed it in a noodle press and have been more than happy with the blend. So I called John David Cole at The Country Squire, gave him my recipe and he mixed me up about 10zs. I took care of the pressing myself. It has become one of my go-to daily smokes. Next up will be trying to create an "English" blend off the original: 40% White Burley, 40% Red Virginia, 20% Perique.


Feb 21, 2013
nunnster makes a point. I do mixes frequently, and that might make a discussion subject. I consider blending the use of heat and/or pressure plus aging in some cases, a mostly professional activity. The pros can take months or often years to tinker with the proportions and cuts of a particular blend, and this is not what I do, and not what most pipe smokers intend to do. So I'd call this mixing, not blending, out of respect for the pros.


Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
I have a couple huge jars of a secret formula I made years ago. Thinking of sending it out to people to try to guess what In it. Haha
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Might Stick Around
Sep 29, 2019
Shasta Lake, Ca.
Sounds interesting. I have a Frog Morton Cellar Ghost blend sitting in a jar with a small glass of Ancient Age whiskey in the middle. The base recipe is from Eric thebluecollarpipesmoker on you tube. The glass of whiskey is my way of infusing it into the tobacco. My next project is to do a pressing, I have some potlatch from SPC but it’s missing something. I think I’m going to add Perique and press or some sort of aromatic.
Any thoughts appreciated
Tony B
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