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Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
The assorted responses make me feel less ignorant.

The Yarnhat Beard Guys are definitely a group/tribe, but somehow avoided a widely recognized or agreed-upon name.

You also explained something else I didn't know, which is why their beards are so sparkly. (On a sunny day it's almost like they're dusted with glitter)

All of this makes you wonder what walking the streets will be like in another twenty years.
I bring back the hells rake style.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 31, 2021
Northern Germany
I can't stand this look, it gives off a real scumbag/asshole vibe and it never seems genuine.
Feels like looking at a fake person the way they hide their faces behind plastered designer beards and sunglasses. Hell, they might as well wear makeup.

How else they gonna fit in them skinny jeans?
They let the beard drippings run down and *shhhlp*, in they are.
Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
One of the things I notice in schools now, verses when I was in school, is that kids don't segregate themself like we used to do. You could look across a lunchroom in the 80's and see distinct groups of cliques and races. Now, everyone mingles, even amongst racial lines. Or, maybe this is just in my area.

But, it is interesting that those of us from my generation still project cliques onto ourselves. We're grown assed men, still trying to pigeonhole people. But, hopefully, when this generation gets to be our age, we'll have less of this judgey judgey-ness. Square Pegs - The Complete Series : Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy  Linker, Jami Gertz: Movies & TV


Jul 21, 2020
Part of the human experience is people sorting themselves into groups that share the same values, goals, outlook, and so forth, and along the way developing outward characteristics for both internal and external identification purposes: Dress, manner, speech, vocabulary, hairstyle, etc.

When I was in high school there were Greasers, Jocks, Nerds, Punks, Hippies, and Cowboys.

A generation later Emos and Hipsters were added to the mix.

A hundred years ago there were Flappers.

In England they have Mods, Rockers, and Teddy Boys.

And so on.

Indeed, an entire TV show was made about it: Freaks and Geeks

However, the most distinctive group to come along in my lifetime doesn't seem to have a "group name" that I've been able to discover.

I live in a neighborhood that has a noted street of restaurants, coffee bars, clothing shops, and several specialty shops: a multi-storey bookstore, a tattoo parlor, and a national-class longboard skateboard operation.

When I'm out and about I always encounter several guys who look as if they checked with each other before leaving the house they look so alike: arm and neck tattoos, a yarn hat, a full (almost cinderblock-size) beard, and a tight, knitted sweatshirt or T-shirt. Colors are always drab. Muted military greens, browns, and so forth. (Though the yarn hat might be dark blue) Facial piercings seem to be optional but common.

I thought it was a local look, but then started seeing it on some TV shows about custom car builders that are filmed all over the country.

So. Does that group have a name?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Those are just Hipster 2.0. They shirked the greaser/50s Dad look and now are in a competition amongst themselves to be as fey and inclusive as possible. They are also trying as hard as possible to make beards as feminine as possible.
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Dec 30, 2018
Interestingly, this group seems to frequent some of the best coffee shops and breakfast places. Seriously.

I rarely encounter them in the types of shops I like to visit, but they are definitely in some of the same neighborhoods. I noticed that they inhabited some funky little bakeries, coffee shops and eateries in those neighborhoods that were the absolute opposite of popular chain restaurants (which I hate and refuse to support) so one day I just started following them in.

To my surprise I found some of the most excellent hole in the wall places that are highly recommended by locals but not really advertised. So now when I’m wanting breakfast or brunch or some coffee and snacks I just watch for them and let them be my guides. A bit like following crows in the wild to see where they lead you, lol.

Try it sometime! Just don’t follow them into any clothing shops or hatteries. 😄


Apr 1, 2014
Colorado Rockies at 9000 feet
The big hillbilly beards and loaded up with tatts is a lame attempt to be the new cool. It screams "fake."

It ain't cool. Just another version of the hipster doofus. Oh wait, it's Hipster Doofus.

IMO, being cool is not having any tattoos...since the norm is everyone having them now. And the neck and face tattoos are just downright hideous. Wannabe' gangsters.

Back in my day people who had tattoos were frowned upon - and it was only convicts, bikers and military guys who had them. Notice I didn't mention women. These women with tattoos all over the place look like total trash.

And those damn' skinny jeans? Yeah, let's feminize the male species some more. And howz' about these new colognes they wear too, smells like skunk-n-funk. Gives me a g-damm' migraine. Let's not forget the ugly piercings too (10x worse on women) and those ugly ear gauges.

And yeah, I'm old and opinionated. Call me a Boomer. I take it as a compliment.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
Bradley, I will buy them if you wear them and take photos for the group. I figure you can get a nice pair for 50-75.00. I would never expect you to wear shit. So how bout it big guy, send your address and I get the check out to you in a couple of days. I am being serious, it is worth the money to see you in skinny jeans. You could use the pic for your Avatar. Kevin could somehow work it so that you are on the front page of the forum.

C'mon buddy we can do this it will be wicked pissa. For people not born in the Hub of the Universe(Boston Mass) wicked pissa is just slang for totally cool.

Oh yeah and if my buddy from Burbank Jesse chimes in, google Boston, says Hub of the Universe quite clearly so take your Burbank and stuff it.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
I got so excited about Bradley wearing skinny's I totally for got to post what I was going to on the thread.

My 32 year old son lives with me to help take care of me. He can grow a beard almost as fast as me and that is fast. He has more product for his beard than most woman with their moisturizers. He keeps it trimmed to a specific shape and I have to admit it looks very well kept and oiled so there is no dandruff.

His clothing is chic Goodwill. He hates spending money on cloths and since he is a graphic artists gets away wearing the stuff. My younger son who works for a mergers and acquisitions company dresses to the nines. I thought him that in business you had better look the part. I even have him wearing Johnstone and Murphy Wing Tips which is still the classic business shoe.

I don't know what you call them but my son went to Burning man like 7 years in a row. He spins fire on a very impressive level and the chicks dig him. He is 32 and lives with me as I need the help and rents around my area average 2100 a month for a 2 bedroom. He likes living for free, eating for free and drinking for free. He is also a pretty good cook.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
LOL, it won't work if it isn't you Bradley. You are known throughout the pipe world and thousands upon thousand will get a good laugh, cmon buddy you can do it.

We especially need a full body and head shot. hehehe