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Dec 9, 2016
Mayer AZ
Welcome. Start with burley blends for the nicotine and work your way through burleys with Virginia Leaf mixed. I pretty much smoke Virginia based blends now for the lower nicotine content. You will enjoy the journey and will get lots of suggestions here.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 12, 2017
I unfortunately also smoked cigarettes during a period of some years but returned to pipes only, many years ago. I was however already used to the pipe and smoked mostly Capstan. Get some small pipes and some Orlik Golden Sliced or similar for example. Use a pipe cleaner when necessary, during and after smoking.I had a friend succesfully switch and never return to cigarettes by the help of Orlik. You can always later explore more exotic tobaccos. Starting with mild aromatics may burn you and not deliver what you may still crave for a quick smoke. Capstan and Orlik are better tasting for relights, if you can't smoke a full bowl, which can often last too long, if you are busy and used to cigarettes. No more reason to bother your lungs by inhaling. Good luck!


Jul 11, 2014
Have patience. Don't inhale. Get a cob or two or three and start sampling tobaccos.
Don't expect the heavens to open right away. Keep reading this forum and the places it may take you to, and learn about this far more satisfying nicotine experience.


Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 28, 2019
Get some stronger blends to get that nicotine.

Try to hold off on the first cigarette in the morning and replace it with a pipe. See how long you can hold off for that first cigarette.

I think it's okay to inhale a little if you need to when you are trying to quit the cigs. It's better to inhale a few puffs during the course of a bowl than to take 10+ drags of a cigarette every couple of hours. You can eventually lessen the inhaling later once your body is accustomed to a pipe instead of cigarettes.

Take it slowly if you need and just try to cut back one less cigarette at a time. It took me a couple months to finally have zero cigarettes.


Mar 16, 2019
Jacksonville, FL
Hello there
I'm a cigarette smoker right now but I would change it to tobacco pipe . Would you guide me in this way?
Thanks all members who does answer me .
Amir hossein
First, welcome. Additionally, we really need a bit more info before making a recommendation. The most important thing to know is, what brand of cigarettes do you smoke and how often/long? The brand is important before just telling you what ‘we’ like to smoke. There are similarities between some brands and some blends. It is not prudent to tell you to smoke burley blends (for example) if you have been smoking Dunhills (primarily VA) or Camels (notably Turkish). Burley would probably not satisfy that itch. Let us know.
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Jul 10, 2015
Dalzell, South Carolina
I still smoke cigarettes, but not as many as in the past. I did quit for about 6 months and what I used was 5 Brothers. Two other good blends to smoke are C&D's Pegasus and C&D's Old Joe Krantz Blue Label. Both provide some nicotine and can be inhaled a few times if you so desire, but I wouldn't advise inhaling with each puff. Another tobacco product I used was Stokers Dip. Even today if I get a desire for a cigarette I put some Stokers or maybe some Grizzly in my lip and it takes away the urge to smoke.


Can't Leave
May 16, 2017
Pipes are totally different from cigarettes, even though it's still smoking. Pipe tobacco doesn't help much when cravings kick in. I'm a cigarette dependent and pipes are just a treat to get some nicotine but far from the sick need for all the poison in cigarettes. Every day is a battle and maybe it lasts forever. No cheating allowed! Good luck! ??


Sep 13, 2013
all the poison in cigarettes
Once you apply the match to the tobacco it's pretty much the same toxins/carcinogens in both pipe tobacco and cigarette tobaccos being released. Cigarette toxins being absorbed predominately in the lungs and the pipe tobacco toxins being absorbed through the various membranes in the mouth and nose. Certainly there is a difference between sucking down a pack (20) of cigarettes and those pipe smokers who only dabble, having a bowl a day or, for many, even less. But, the carcinogens from incinerating tobacco in either mode are the same. No different than exposure to a camp fire or a burning stack of old tires.


Can't Leave
Apr 23, 2019
Hello there
I'm a cigarette smoker right now but I would change it to tobacco pipe . Would you guide me in this way?
Thanks all members who does answer me .
Amir hossein
Welcome. I am still trying to make the switch. Of you struggle with nicotine here are a couple things I've learned. First, the nic is is substantially slower than a cig. So if your feeling the urge for nicotine it'll be hard at that point to stick with the pipe. You have to wait minutes to be satisfied, where with a cig its nearly instantaneous. Second, pipe smokes longer. You can knock out a cig in 3 min. A pipe will take longer - away from people longer potentially, longer work break, weather, etc could make a cig look really appealing in those moments. Third, it's difficult to overcome the nic prescription. A cig is basically a single dose and our body says ok that dose will last us an hour, or whatver. With a pipe I've found it's harder to know when I'm done. These have been reasons it's been hard for me to switch. I've had some successful spurts though. Basically I think you've got to kick the quick nic addiction, if not it won't work. Things I've done, make sure I've got a pipe ready to go so I don't have to wait, find a few blends that you can't get enough of, and smoke the pipe before you have a nic craving. Long post. Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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