Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

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Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
Do STG's "Match" blends make any difference?
Nope. It was the Orlik/STG clones that were pulled in 2008. According to what I read, they weren't even available in England for a while. You'll know this is real when the blends show up on shelves. Until then, nothing has changed and there's still lots of good choices besides these.



Preferred Member
May 23, 2019
Call them Peterson, call them Dunhill, call them Big Bubba Goofball's Wild N' Crazy Baccy Blends for all I care. Just get them back on the market. Until then I will wait patiently with my cellar full of other fine options and relax. Until it's in my pipe, it isn't real, so no sense losing sleep over it....


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Preferred Member
Jun 9, 2018
The main one I'm looking forward to getting my hands on again is the Deluxe Navy Rolls as I only have two tins in the cellar and unfortunately we don't get Escudo in the UK, so the nearest blend available taste wise is the Charatan 'match' blend called Rolls.

While I have enjoyed the tin of Rolls I've been smoking in its own right it is not that close to DNR (well to my tastes anyway) as the black Cavendish core makes it much more like Davidoff Flake Medallions than DNR so I hope they get these rebadged Dunhill blends to the UK market sooner rather than later.

I do remember seeing a video of the people responsible for these Charatan blends talking about the cavendish core (which pops out easily) and how you don't have to mix it in if you prefer a straight vaper but what with a tin costing the equivalent of $20 I'm loathe to not use every last drop.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I have some of the grand old unopened tins of Dunhill blends kicking around my stash. I really like them, yet for the last year or so, I have always found something else I wanted to smoke. Also, I kept blathering about how these blends would resurface because a going brand can't afford to just fold its hand, even if the name can't be used, it turns out. Now I just hope all the various blends I enjoy, formerly Dunhill or whatever, don't disappear in a cloud of regulatory smoke. Otherwise, it would be fun to say I told you so. But not so much now.



Preferred Member
Apr 28, 2019
Wilke Pipe Tobacco still has some tins of Dunhill left in stock at reasonable prices, less than $12 a tin. I just bought a stash of London Mixture and Ye Olde Signe. Evidently, nobody hoards these?
I don't know about you all, but Ye Olde Signe is a lovely VA. Starts out tea-like and then gets a great umami bready flavor in the second half of the bowl. It's one of my favorites.



Preferred Member
Dec 7, 2011
Frankly I miss the McClelland clones.
PM Pipe = Nightcap
AM Pipe = Early Morning
Nine 2 Five = 965
Smoked a lot of these while Dunhill was absent.



New member
Mar 24, 2018
It’s sad to see so many tobacco mfg. getting out of the industry. Crazy the number of changes just in the past 15 years and we are just at the beginning. Dark days ahead, stock up boys!



Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
hawky454.. I saw where a lot of them will be reborn, but not Flake.

Where did you see that?

Not doubting you just hoping. That was my fav.

Still trying to find something like it.

All I’m going by was the pictures in the link that was posted in the OP. On the bottom right it shows Flake & Dark Flake side by side. I have no idear if that pic is accurate or not though. I really don’t think it’s a fake reddit mock-up but we’ll see.

Ah, $3K per blend! That's way better than the many tens of thousands of dollars mentioned some time ago. Makes it only onerous, not stifling.

Yeah at one time there was a rumor that is was going to cost $250,000 per blend. Lol



Preferred Member
Jan 31, 2011
Yeah at one time there was a rumor that is was going to cost $250,000 per blend. Lol
3K or 250K...just a minor difference there.
Makes me wonder what the truth of it is...but my wild guess is that when the dust settles the amount will be more than 3K.
But whatever it ends up being, you can count on it continually increasing year after year, as these things always do.

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Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
Does anyone care to speculate whether some blends will continue to have bulk offerings, as before?



Dec 30, 2011
Pardon for not weighing in earlier. Where to begin...

- That's a real power point from our company. A bit surprised that the entire power point got out there (typically we'd just use the press release page), but the content is all suitable for public consumption

- Not going to weigh in on the whole FDA aspect. Safe to say the blends will be around for a while.

- As for right now not 100% of the blends will be back. Not saying never, but no timing on the return of the others, including bulk versions.

- No changes to the recipes you have been enjoying for quite a while

- Why the Peterson name? The PPT addresses this, but trust me, a subject of much internal debate.

- Timing - soon(ish). I'll let you know as soon as they hit the dock.



Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
Ah, real, actual straightforward facts! Thank you a bunch, Leonard.
If you need any testing, I'm your man. (Along with many of my compatriots here.)
Can you give some hints as to what markets will enjoy this release?

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