Comfort Food Tobaccos

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Might Stick Around
Jul 12, 2023
Upstate NY, USA
I have been smoking a pipe for about 10 months now, and I have tried many different tobaccos. I know now a good bit more about what I might be looking for in a tobacco, and this forum has helped a lot with that.

Right now, I think I am looking for a "comfort food" tobacco. Lately I have been trying tobaccos that I would classify as "gourmet" (e.g., SPC Plum Budding Barrel Aged). I have liked several of these, but they seem to me once-in-a-while tobaccos when I want a burst of flavor and richness to my smoke. But what I really want now is a tobacco that is easy to pack, easy to light, and a generally full "relax into it" flavor. I want the biscuits and mashed potatoes of pipe tobaccos. The codger blends seem to me more of a "fast food" quality rather than comfort food (although tastes vary, of course!).

It seems to me that a lot of people talk about the Lane aromatics this way (1Q, RLP-6), but some of those seem a bit too sweet for my tastes. The first tobacco that has struck me as a comfort-food blend is a nice whiskey cavendish (I like Sutliff's). I think Watch City's Rhythm & Blues is quite nice in this regard also (though at first it gave me a bit of a tongue tingle).

This week I have been trying C&D's Homeward Bound, which is close to what I am looking for but there are some darker notes that I would need to get used to.

Any thoughts about what other tobaccos would hit the right notes?
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Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 29, 2019
Finger Lakes area, New York, USA
One man's comfort is another man's unease, sayeth I. I went ten years smoking almost nothing but Mac Baren's Golden Extra, back when every CVS in the United States had it prominently displayed and for sale among many others. I assume I did that because it comforted me. But sit down and brace yourself: Your Mileage May Vary. I'd even go so far as to say, Your Mileage Will Vary. (Not sure what mileage has to do with pipe smoking, except in my case--I used to travel my butt off in those years, pipe lit much of the time. Mileage estimate: 500,000 miles in ten years of smoking Golden Extra. The thought makes me uncomfortable.)


Feb 6, 2019
Richmond Virginia
My first thoughts are to find a blend of Virginia and burley with minimal toppings, something simple but quality. My tastes have gravitated towards less complex blends and for me that’s where the sweet spot is, everyone’s different.
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Sep 17, 2023
Dont know where you live because people dont seem to know how to put their country in their profle. Its hard to make suggestions.
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May 6, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
I really enjoy Pease "Westminster" and "Six Pence". The first is a classic Latakia mixture while the second is Virginia Perique.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 17, 2022
I like VA.

Here’s my short list of comfort food tobacco at the moment:

Watch City “Simply Orange”
Ken Byron “Jim’s Special Flake”
Capstan Blue (flake or RR)
HU “Janneman Flake”
Esoterica “Tilbury”
Watch City “Old Black Magic”


Sep 23, 2022
United States Of America
Sounds like you're looking for an all day smoke. If you want something sweet but not over the top try Virginias like Sutliff Stoved Virginia. Capstan Blue is also good. Capstan is natural, the stoved is more like a toned down black Cavendish with some tea notes.


Jun 28, 2022
Lower Alabama
Everyone's going to have different answers, but what I would call my "comfort food" blends are:
• Mac Baren Navy Flake
• Mac Baren HH Burley Flake
• Savinelli Brunello Flake
• GLP Quiet Nights
• C&D Old Joe Krantz

An honorable mention is Sutliff Maple Shadows, which was a limited release, but if they made it a regular release, it would be on the list.

I don't smoke my "comfort food" blends too often (not counting Maple Shadows) because I'm still working through a backlog of flavor chasing, which is a list that's growing longer faster than I can make my way through it. Every time I get through one tin, there's three more that get added.
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