Choosing a Pipe to Suit Your Face?

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Sep 14, 2011
This is quite the discussion - I came in late, yesterday, read some - don't have time to read it all. Thought I might throw in my $.02 worth, anyway.
When I started smoking a pipe, as a college student, part of the reason was that it filled my image of being a "college man". (I never smoked cigs, and nobody in my immediate family smoked at all.) I bought inexpensive, fairly traditionally shaped, drugstore pipes, with no conscious thought about anything other then price.
These days, as a retired widower, my 99% of my pipe smoking is done alone. I still gravitate to traditional shapes. I don't smoke a lot of really large pipes - have very few above about a Dunhill group 4. If I ever bought a pipe for a reason other then "I like it and it fits what I am looking for", I am darned if I know what it is! puffy


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Apr 29, 2017
Back on track... I buy pipes for a number of reasons. Sizes, shapes, capacity, chamber dimensions, materials are among the most important.

How it matches my face... I really don’t give a rip.


Nov 2, 2019
I tried to read through this thread, but I keep getting lost in all of the side conversations.
Every thread gets derailed eventually. 🤷‍♀️

To save you the effort of reading through- there was no final consensus on whether there's any merit to choosing a pipe to suit your face. Although, a few members of this forum gave it more sway in their selection process than I personally expected.