BOSS Coffee—A Pipe in the Logo. Anybody Here Try It?

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May 23, 2019
What!? Yes, I've seen this in the supermarket lately, although never really caught my eye until now..

You know why?

Because for some reason in Australia they have taken the liberty of removing the pipe from the logo.

Just googled Boss Coffee USA and sure enough, boss man Suntory is clenching, like a boss.

In our nanny state, nope. Can't let the kids see that - God forbid they should put down their cans of mother and red bull, stop playing call of duty and telling their parents to get f****d, to be traumatised by a man enjoying his perfectly legal vice.

Sorry for the rant, and no, sorry haven't tried the coffee yet. For the 4 bucks something a can, I tell myself I can wait till I'm home to make myself a proper coffee.
I don’t know man. When I was a teenager I was definitely sitting behind the school dumpster with a Savinelli full of Virginia Flake and not chasing shots of Vanilla Stoli with the Milwaukee’s Best Ice a hobo bought for me at a “Golf Pros and Tennis Hos” party until I puked all over some random kid’s house who’s parents happened to be on vacation.😂😂😂


Can't Leave
Jul 31, 2012
Torrance, CA
That image is everywhere in Japan, and there seems to be little vending machines selling drink cans every block and a half. I didn't realize it was Faulkner when I was there, but now that you gentleman pointed it out I see it. I don't know if this company sells beans or ground coffee, I believe it is only the single shot beverages in the can.