Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

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3 Fresh Askwith Pipes
24 Fresh Rossi Pipes
72 Fresh Peterson Pipes
18 Fresh Mastro Geppetto Pipes

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Can't Leave
Jul 27, 2023
South Carolina
Today I'll swing at Oriental Silk. Maybe seeing some low-hanging fruit will distract people from the great Ennerdale phenomenon of 2024 for a second or two...

Anomalous - Sutliff - 15
Brown Twist #4 - SG - 23
Golden Sliced - Orlik - 12
Dockworker - HU - 14
Oriental Silk - C&D - 6
Rouxgaroux - WCC - 21
Ennerdale - GH - 7
1989 - Erik Stokkebye - 17
Full Virginia Flake - SG - 22
Rich Dark Honeydew - GH - 17
Bob's Chocolate Flake - GH - 23
Flake - Peterson (Dunhill) - 11
Dark Bird's Eye - GH - 17

Grape - Captain Black
Match 20 - Sutliff
Hogshead - Seattle Pipe Club
Royal - Captain Black
Royal Yacht - Peterson
Exclusive - C&D
Stratfordshire - C&D
Mixture #79 - Sutliff
Aged Burley Flake - Solani
From Beyond - C&D
Pegasus - C&D
Holly's Non Plus Ultra - Dan
Dorchester - Esoterica
No. 69 - Peter Henrichs
Maple Shadows - Sutliff
American Cut Plug - Watch City
Squadron Leader - SG
Luxury Navy Flake - Peter Stokkebye
Lancer Slices - F&K
Wintertime Flake - SG
Black - Sillem's
Skiff Mixture - SG
Red Virginia - Robert McConnell

It's impossible to say whether Ennerdale is Muhammad Ali or Wolverine, whether he's the ultimate powerhouse who won't stay down or the overpowered self-healer with the indestructible skeleton. His enemies have encircled him and set upon him as frostily as mobsters armed with ice picks. But still, he lives on. Kinda makes you pull for him, doesn't it?

The legendary struggles of Ennerdale have spelled success for other blends who used his dramatic display as a means of hoarding a little hit-point power of their own. Four blends crawled away like Andy Dufresne from his cramped cell in Shawshank, elbowing through a mile-long sh!t pit into the vast terrain of freedom. Three of these five blends are of the Gawith tradition in one way or another, suggesting either a nepotistic monopoly or a divine-right monarchy lies at the top. If this is true, Rouxgaroux's in deep poo poo.
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Part of the Furniture Now
May 10, 2016
Of the ones remaining I would love to see in the podium FVF, Bob's Chocolate and Ennerdale and then have these 3 fight for the crown. So this is why I try to keep Ennerdale alive.