Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

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Can't Leave
Jul 27, 2023
South Carolina
I’m ripping this format from the old video game forums from my youth, where we’d pick our favorite video game characters throughout the year and affix them to a list. From there, a battle ensued where characters were eliminated via point addition and deduction until there was only one left. With that, the unofficial character of the year award was crowned.

As such… welcome to the extremely unofficial Best Blend of the Year Elimination! Here’s how it works:

Phase 1: Nominations
Now through the end of the year (11:59pm Dec 31, 2023), each user is granted one and only one nomination via comment on this post – nobody wants this game dragging on until 2025, lest it seem untimely. If you say more than one, only the first in your post will be selected. Don’t edit your post. If anybody posts an updated list, nobody’s going to want to keep revising it. Note: your nomination can be any tobacco or blend, new or old, tin or bulk. Whatever you fancy.

Once the year closes out, the nominations will be locked. On January 1, I’ll post a list of all nominated tobaccos – though if someone else gets excited and beats me to it, I won’t be mad. Each nominated tobacco/blend will be granted 10 hit points (regardless of any duplicate mentions, so try not to copy anybody’s nom). Here’s how it works:

Phase 2: Eliminations
Beginning January 1, each user may vote once per day. A vote involves two steps. You add a point to one tobacco and deduct from another. Then, you post your own updated list to keep us from having to fish around for the math. For example, let’s say that SPC Plum Pudding, Capstan Blue, and Sutliff Molto Dolce are the final three in the game, with points as follows:

SPC Plum Pudding – 12
Capstan Blue – 4
Sutliff Molto Dolce – 6

Maybe I really like Capstan and I want to keep it around. And maybe I want to stick it to those bandwagon peeps who keep propping up Plum Pudding. If that’s the case, my post should look like this:

+ 1 Capstan Blue
- 1 SPC Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding - SPC – 11
Capstan Blue – 5
Molto Dolce - Sutliff – 6

Giving each user only one vote per day ensures that the competition stays tight. Once a tin/blend reaches zero points, it is eliminated and cannot be revived. The game will continue until there is only one tobacco left. At that point, by the lack of power vested in me, by the forum gods old and new, a single tobacco shall be crowned as the Unofficial Best Blend of 2023.

Round 1: Nominations begins now. I’ll kick us off by nominating Sutliff Anomalous. Add your own, and feel free to post with an updated list once we’ve really gotten this rolling so that others can scan easily and make non-duplicate nominations.

Anomalous - Sutliff